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    I'll be in Negril the last week of September. How unbearable is the humidity at night? Every time I look at the weather, the humidity is so high, it'll be 82 degrees, but it says it feels like 100. I know it's a tropical climate, but I don't want to melt all the time! I've been to ocho rios in March and May and it was always pretty comfortable. I was just wondering if there is much of a breeze in that side of the island? I live in a humid climate but not quite that bad.

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    We've never been to Jamaica during September, typically we go in the Spring, but the humidity in Negril is similar to that in Ocho Rios and there's usually a comfortable breeze at night. The humidity has never been a problem for us and we've enjoyed many evenings in Negril. Have a great stay!

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    It's the tropics. It's peak hurricane/rainy season in September! Put your hair in a ponytail, throw on a hat and jump into the sea! Enjoy!

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    We always go late Sept or early October. The weather is comfortable at night. I've never found the humidity to be unbarable.

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    We were at CSA last week. I too was concerned about the humidity as I am not a fan of close feeling weather. The first few nights it cooled off nicely, the last 3 or 4 it stayed pretty damned humid at night to the point where it was uncomfortable to walk to and from dinner. I hate humidity and we didnt let it hamper the fun, but it was a bit uncomfortable. We are going in May next year, hopefully it will be a little better.

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    We've been to Negril a couple of times the first part of September & the humidity is pretty high. The only time we've seen it not be humid in the evenings is in December .... That being said - We've also had a few nights in December when it's super humid also. Being from the Midwest (Kansas City, MO area) we're used to high humidity in summer. I would not say it's unbearable in Negril as long as there is a breeze .... In 12 trips, I'd say there's been only 2 or 3 nights that I would consider the humidity to have been extreme due to there not being a breeze stirring.

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    Yep, we'll be there slightly before you. Saw the heat index was 105 the other day. LOL. I'm certain that there will be some melting going on...Stay hydrated the best you can... You'll still have a great time. Nighttime temps look like they are in the mid 70's. (problem is that you could still be radiating heat like a little charcoal briquette from the time in the sun)...

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    That's why they call it Tropical. Vacations in Arizona are dry. They do have Air conditioners in the rooms now, which we never use. You cant hear the tree frogs with everything closed. We just wear less clothes . I used to love the Palms when it was open air across the street. How many remember? I don't mind the humidity when I know it's 20 degree's out at home.

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    Opps, I meant Feathers was across the street. (old age)

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    Thanks everyone!!! Two days away..Can't Wait!!!!!! So looking forwarding to trying out a new Couples

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