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    I am sure this has been asked but I am hoping someone will answer it again. We are not certified divers and will be just doing the complimentary that TI offers. Does anyone know if you need to bring a doctors note or form filled out by your doctor saying it is ok to dive?

    Thank you and can't wait for our 1st trip the Couples. We have read so many nice things and are very excited.


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    You should be OK as long as you can answer all the health questions correctly (meaning no issues) - I would bet you could google it on-line and find an example of the questionaire - it's standard for scuba diving. If you do have one of the issues listed you would need a doctor's note.


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    Go to the Couples web site and hit the activities site. From their hit scuba, and it will run down what is needed if there is a medical issue. It's pretty clear.

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    no note required.
    You will have to do the intro course in the pool including the swim test. As you will not be certified the depth of the dive is around 30-35'. certified divers go to depths around 50-55'.
    I did it at CSS and it was awesome!!

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    No doctors note is required unless you have or had an "at risk" medical condition. Those can be found listed at:

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    If you answer yes to any question, then you will have to have a Dr's statement before you can dive.

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    Thank you everyone that helps us alot.

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