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    We will be going to couples negril in January, and we arrive on Monday, the same day as the repeaters dinner. (If all goes according to schedule we should arrive at the resort around 2-3.) Does anyone have any experience on arriving the same day as the repeaters dinner and know if we will be able to attend that night's dinner. This will be gone by the following Monday, so this is the only one we will be there for and hope to be able to attend.


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    We had the same issue in July. We arrived on a monday around 1:00 PM. I let the person who was checking us in, know that we would be attending the Repeater's Dinner, that night. They said they would let them know, and it was no problem. When we opened our welcoming paperwork package, there was an invitation to the dinner anyway. We just called, and reconfirmed. It was "no problem, mon".

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    No problem. If you have preregistered as a repeater, the invitation should be in your packet. If not, tell them when you check in and they will get you one. As long as you are at the resort before the dinner, you can certainly attend. It is truly a nice event.

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    yes you will be able to attend. no problem mon

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    Our second trip to Couples Negril will be in June. I have seen some threads about the repeaters dinner but dont know anything about it. Where do I get info? Thank you.


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    Angie there is really nothing to know except don't book anything for Monday night. You will get the invite in your package when you check-in. You just need to call the # to RSVP. On Monday night you go to the piano bar at 7pm for cocktails & appetizers and then everyone walks down together to Lychee. You'll sit at a big table with a member of the management team. It is a very special dinner as a thank you to repeat guests. This year we had surf & turf again but the surf was lobster. Very yummy.

    Then you get lobster again at any of the restaurants on Friday night.

    We are here now (sitting in the internet café) waiting for our 10:15am shuttle to the airport.

    You are going to love it here!

    Couples Negril - September 2011, 2012, 2013
    Retired & moved to Cozumel, Mexico January 2014

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    Shouldn't be a problem and, if it's similar to our experiences, it may just be one of the best meals you've ever had

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