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    Hi there

    We are from the UK and have booked to go to CTI in October 2014 -- I have been reading about a"resort credit" of $300 held on a credit card upon arrival for incidentals such as SPA etc.

    Does this apply to UK Nationals as i don't have a credit card?

    Many thanks


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    Yes it applies to UK peeps.

    It is effectively just the same as at any hotel in the UK or worldwide - they take an imprint of your credit card when you book in. In Couples' case they actually take a holding amount and refund it at the end, which has exactly the same result in reality as an empty imprint and then charging you at the end for expenditure as most hotels do. Itís completely kosher I promise you.

    No credit card? I guess you have to do whatever you normally do when you book into any other hotel worldwide - presumably leave cash or use a debit card if they accept it.

    Have a great holiday.

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    We have the post office credit card just to use abroad for such required deposits at hotels and car hire, mainly because it doesn't charge any extra currency loading and the exchange rate always comes throu at a great rate.

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    Debit cards are accepted in the same way as credit cards are. Boy you have a long wait before you go, but you have picked a great place to go. We have been to CTI twice, and are now going to CSS in March 2014

    Dont forget to try AN. its a great experience, i bet you go twice!

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    Excellent I dont have a problem with a debit card I thank you for your replies, it sure is a long time to go but sooooo looking forward to it. Never been to a couples resort before but from what i read i cant go wrong. We were really struggling to choose between CSS and CTI because each have their own attributes but we plumped for the CTI simply on the basis of less steps. Happy travels everyone.


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