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    Default Jerk Sauce Question

    I buy some jerk sauce every time we go at the rest area on the way to the CSA.I wondered if anybody knows how long it is good for?
    My wife is always worried that it might get to old. I tell Her it's to hot to go bad.

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    Buy it every year (4 bottles). It doesn't last until the following trip (December every year). We love it on pork, chicken and as a condiment on burgers, etc. Good stuff!

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    If it says "Refrigerate after opening" it will eventually go bad. If not, it will be good to the last drop as long as you store it in a cool, dark place.
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    I refrigerate my jerk sauce for a longer shelf life, and like most of my seasonings and spices, I throw them away after a year. They start to loose their flavor after that.

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    search for the name of the one you are looking for and it is available online. I just found the Jamaican Rum barbecue sauce for my husband today and the price was not bad at all. $6 and something for the bottle and 5 something for shipping. I didn't order yet and forgot to save the site so if you don't find it, comment here and I will look for it again and post it

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    I buy it in jars at the gift shop. The use by date is on the jar, Walkerswood brand.

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    We bring back Ossie's homemade sauce in a Wata bottle every time we go...and keep it in the fridge. No problem, other than the fact my husband runs out before we're due to go again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zaraforty View Post
    I buy it in jars at the gift shop. The use by date is on the jar, Walkerswood brand.
    This is actually available at Kroger stores in the US as well.

    We tried bringing Scotchies sauce didn't pass the pressurization/depressurization test, despite careful packing. I threw away some clothes that night.

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