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    Default Authentic Jamaican nightlife...

    will be at CSA Oct. 6th thru Oct. 11th. Boyfriend is from the West Indies but our first time to the beautiful island of Jamaica and we are trying to find the best local night spots with authentic Jamaican reggae vibes. Heard The Jungle is good thursdays...any ideas for fridays or saturdays?

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    i would checkout there are several very "local" spots in the west end. On the beach alfreds and bourbon beach have live reggae during both weekday and weekends. The local places in the west end are not " publicized" but you can fuind a good party have fun

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    while being affected by beach gravity in the morning you will hear a man walk by announcing a big reggae party. it's HOT HOT HOT. one of our things that let us know we are "home" at Swept Away.

    he gives the location and times for the Par Ta.


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    I just love the HOT HOT HOT guy. I'll miss him at CTI next month. Randy -- enjoy our side of the resort during your upcoming trip. Sorry to miss you guys. Again.

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