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    Default CSS - SSB pool renos - schedule

    Not sure if this should be in the AN section but looking to see if there is any info on potential pool work? We are scheduled to be at CSS 2nd week in December - and that would be an unwelcome turn of events....

    Randymon - are you in a position to confirm if any work is being planned and if so a time frame?

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    We are here right now and the spa at ssb is currently blocked off by tarps with work actively happening. We were hoping it would be done by now.

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    hoping that the pool doesnt suffer a similar fate this fall.

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    I'm interested in this as well. Has anyone found out when the work will be finished? We are going from Oct. 1 - Oct. 10

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    Default Time Table

    Please see "Upgrades Couples San Souci-Sunset Beach" on the main message board for Randymons official notification and projected dates.

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    We just returned home last night (14th), and were told that the pool and pool bar would be shut down NEXT week, and a temporary bar would be set up in the beach area. They are completely removing the stone grotto, extending the pool in it's place, deepening the pool at the short end to match the rest. We were there when the owner was there directing what work was to be done, and they are also replacing the existing blue tile border, adding new tile to the bar top and ledge. The beach food service 'hut' will also go through some renovation. Hope this helps!

    Tawnya and William

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    Is the work going to be done by end of September first of October?

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    We are here right now and today is the official first day of the closure. All of SSB is completely closed but is supposed to open back up on Friday with beach access. We'll keep you posted. We got to enjoy one whole day there but now it's on to the main pool. They have removed umbrellas and chairs and are supposed to start draining the pool shortly. The hot tub is not done yet -still needs to be tiled and finished. All in all we know it will be great when Name:  image.jpg
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    The scope is extensive given the time frame from Randymon's post (since removed??) where he indicated an expected 14 day construction time. I think 14 days may be optimistic, here's hoping it is completed somewhat expeditiously. It certainly does sound like the end product will be impressive though.

    Fingers crossed this all happens without a hitch.

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    Randy posted somewhere that the pool will reopen Sept. 30th. I believe the whole beach area is closed for four days (they will take you to CTI Island).

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    The pool is supposed to be finished by September 30, according to Randy. The whole SSB area will be closed from the 16th until the 19th, the pool itself closed until the 30th. So from the 20th on, the beach area will be open with a temporary bar and grill while the pool reno is completed. We arrive on the 28th, so 2 days without the pool won't be too bad. Crossing my fingers they can complete on time.

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    I would seriously doubt that the work will be done by the first of October. I spoke with the Engineering Manager and he said that all work at SSB will be completed by the first of the year.
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    Default CSS Au Narurel Pool

    Quote Originally Posted by subola View Post
    I'm interested in this as well. Has anyone found out when the work will be finished? We are going from Oct. 1 - Oct. 10
    Our travel agent just told us that the pool on the au naturel side is to be closed from sept. 21- Oct. 5- we were going to be there 9/26- 10/6, so we will probably reschedule our trip- or cancel altogether.

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