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    Default How to dress for the Catamaran trip

    We are thinking about doing the catamaran cruise when we are there, but I was wondering about what people wear on them. Is a thong (the wife) appropriate? Has anyone done or seen that done? She doesn't want to be out of place or cause a spectacle. We plan on spending every day at the AN beach (CN), so we really weren't planning on packing much I the form of swimming suits. I was going to bring one suit (speedo type but square cut) in case we wanted to walk the beach, but that is about it.

    Any thoughts or experiences?

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    No problem for the wife on the Catamaran.
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    Most people from your resort wouldn't care. However,when we went they stopped at the caves near Negril. We swam into the caves for a bit. There were many other boats anchored near us with their guests doing the same thing. Some were younger people who might not be into the Au-natural experience. Also, some local teens were right next to our boat bumming for money to cliff jump. Hope this helps. It was a fun trip.

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    You probably want a swimsuit that can handle activity - more speedo, less sunbathing - because even if you don't cliff dive there's a bit of a jump from the boat and a climb to get back in. If you want to do the diving swimsuit choice is even more important. If she has a thong that can stand the activity (or if she wants to just relax) go for it.

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    My wife has worn a thong numerous times on the CN CAT cruise.

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    Haha, good point, BuntportFan! I wanted to jump off the catamaran when we cruised from CTI, but had to take the stairs for fear of losing my bathing suit. Bikinis are not designed for jumping off boats!

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