I am starting this thread so that people who are at CSS can keep everyone updated on the situation with the pool construction at SSB. Those who are there, if they get access to a computer, can take a second to share any info the get from workers about how close the project is to completion; if SSB is open or closed, pictures, and any conditions (bad or good) that may exist because of the construction. Many people have vacations scheduled at CSS over the next few weeks and are going through a lot of anxiety trying to decide if we should change resorts or not. Jess and I are scheduled to fly in on Sept 28th and still may make a last-minute decision to change resorts depending on what kind of reports we get from those currently there. Please don't think we are asking anyone to make this a priority during their stay, as they are there to relax, not stress over this. But if you are there, and get on the computer anyway, please give us an update. We will do they same when we are there from the 28th until October 5th. Thanks!!! Jim and Jess