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    Default Should I bring my own snorkel mask?

    I keep reading how awesome the water is at CSA, clear and calm. Should I bring my own snorkel stuff and explore the water off the beach when I'm there next week?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bab1974 View Post
    I keep reading how awesome the water is at CSA, clear and calm. Should I bring my own snorkel stuff and explore the water off the beach when I'm there next week?
    We always bring ours. Couples does provide gear, but we like how ours fits better and we like having access to it whenever we want. The best snorkeling though, is on the boat trip since they take you out to the reefs.

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    Bring your own snorkel and mask but not for the water off the beach, there's nothing to see. There are 3 snorkel trips daily as well as a night snorkel trip for $35 a person. CSA supplies masks, snorkels, and fins, but if you snorkel on a regular basis, you'll want your own equipment.
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    There isn't much to see in the area near the beach at CSA. The sea bottom is soft sand and there are very few rocks and no sea grass to attract fish. Having said that, we do bring our own snorkel gear and snorkel in the swimming area. During our trip in February, there were sea stars of all sorts of sizes in the swimming area and it was fun to spot them. If you go out in the early morning (before 9:00), you may also spot a stingray. I personally find it relaxing to snorkel even if there isn't much to see.

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    I always bring my own Snorkel and fins. That way you can snorkel anytime and not have to check them out. I love just floating around along the ropes and see a whole school of fish that are transparent just shimmering by.

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    They have stuff there that's free to use, but we always bring our own.

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    People say that you don't need to because they sterilize the equipment that they provide to guests. I took my own anyway, and from what I saw, the staff diligently cleaned the Couples snorkels and masks; however, when I return, I will still take my own for the convenienceof having it avaiable at all times, being used to it, and already having it sized up for my head.

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    There is not much right off the beach - but if they are not running a trip (they have daily snorkel trips (2x) to local reefs) you could borrow it and give it a try. We took all our own gear the first year - but they have very good equipment so on our subsequent trips we just took our mask and snorkels - mostly since we didn't want to bother adjusting theirs every trip. My recommendation - take your mask and snorkel and sign up for the daily trips. Leave the beach for relaxing.

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    The bottom of the ocean is all sand and there isn't a lot of fish because there is no coral there. I wouldn't waste the space in my suitcase.
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    Yes. We do. Walk down the beach to the right past the public beach. There is a rocky area where there are lots of fish and we saw a stingray there once.

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    The snorkel trips are good and it's always nice to have your own gear. Also, although there isn't much to see from the shore, you can't use the resort gear from shore and there are some pretty large sea stars that you can see from the shore. If you have room, bring it.

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    If you wish to snorkel...yes. The Couples masks are for Couples activities and won't be loaned out.

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    Nothing to see off the beach. You will have to go out onthe boat trip to the reef.

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    We do, there is not a lot to see, but there is something to see. Enjoy.

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    We are bringing ours just so we can explore the waters by the beach. We will also be there next week, there are 3 couples, all in our 50's and watch out youngins! LOL

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    I have brought mine for the snorkeling trips and swimming during the catamaran cruise just because I like the fit of my mask and am used it it. With that said, though, there is really not much to see in the swimming area off the beach. A few tiny silver fish might swim by and on rare occasion you might see a sting ray or starfish but usually, not much. If you have room in your suitcase, it can't hurt. :-)

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    Thanks everyone, we will take our own snorkel set. Got a nice set on sale last week. So dang excited I cant focus at work right now..See you there jmarkov We arrive Sunday.

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    We took our full snorkel sets and used them on the snorkel trip. We used the mask just swimming around the beach. There wasn't a lot to see but it was fun anyway so I think next time I will I will just take the mask and snorkel and leave the fins at home because they take up the most space anyway.

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    We always take our own but not for off the beach as not much to see there. Flat gradual sloping sand with only the occasional starfish. The area for swimmers is limited and venturing past the ropes may be suicide with all the boats and jet skis zipping by! We did get our masks primarily for my wife who needs glasses. Dive shops provide prescription lenses for the goggles and she can finally see what everyone else sees! We are also assured of a good fitting mask and personal snorkel.

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