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    Default CN won us over. See ya later on CSA

    This is our trip report from TA.

    “CN is now our TOP choice, sorry CSA”
    Reviewed September 8, 2013 NEW
    Our last visit here was May 2011. We have been to CSA numerous times and decided to give CN another go for our Labor weekend vaca. I am sooooooooo grateful we did!!! This place has it going on. When we checked in they greeted us by name (nice touch ), and said your room is ready (room I had requested) and handed us our Champagne that we requested as a Romance Rewards member. We also received our couples massage voucher as well as Repeater's Dinner invite! So smooth! We had a Beachfront Deluxe, very clean, great AC, water pressure in shower great and NO bugs ever!!!! Housekeeping was wonderful, loved Stephanie! She was always smiling and singing

    The beach is BEAUTIFUL! Calm, clear, warm waters and very little vendor traffic. The staff here were great. I do not understand the negative posts about the staff... I believe it may be the attitude of the guest! Food was "Dee Wish Ous"!!! Loved our dinner at Lychee. We had the appetizer sampler, Pad Thai with shrimp & beef and then Hubby ordered the beef strip medium rare with yellow curry/lemongrass sauce. OMG Becky, soooooooooo good! It was like Buttah! Taylor took care of us and she was a hoot!

    We finally went to a Repeater's Dinner after 9 trips.... The GM Ricardo sat next to us!
    What a truly great person. If you notice, he responds to the reviews here. He was so easy to talk to! They are in the process of renovating big time!!! Bathrooms, Spa etc.
    PS, dinner was Awesome!!! Thank you!

    Thanks Ricardo for taking such good care and having a true interest in keeping this a wonderful resort!!!

    The food at the buffet was really good. I know it can be hard to keep up with all the offerings, but they did it!

    A shout out to Balard (sp?) in the EC crew. He made Ping Pong a blast for my hubby We will look for you this December!!!

    Nude beach was great! Had the pick of chairs, shade or no shade and Amay was a sweet heart!

    We have chosen CN over CSA now because: beach has less foot traffic, resort east to navigate, check in and check out process a breeze, waters very calm, pool area nice and big,
    staff wonderful, food was yummy!!! Suites here offer in room dining/evening hors d'oeuvres, will take advantage of this in December!!!

    The only thing I missed was the a la carte breakfast that CSA offers at Patois.
    Ricardo, can the beach grill not offer that??????

    Also hubby requested I mention this, we had premium liquor choices at all bars. Not sure of the negative comments on that one either...

    Thank you CN and see you Dec 20th

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    We understand We went for our honeymoon and decided then and there that we would be coming back everyyear. We haven't had any thoughts of looking at any other Couples resorts as we believe that CN is paradise!!!

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    We were at CSA over Labor Day weekend. We visited CN on the Friday after, as we were considering it for our upcoming May trip. We immediately noticed the service was better, bartenders much friendlier and actually asked if you wanted a drink instead of making you ask. We also noticed less vendors, which kind of surprised me as there are more resorts close by.

    After careful consideration we just decided CSA is a better fit for us. We like the beach better, we like the breakfast at Patois as you described and we like the more private setting. We have just decided to hope for better service.

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    I have only been to CN and have no plans of going to another. 21 more days! How do we sign up for the repeaters dinner?

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    I love this! My fiance and I will be there on Monday for our honeymoon and this makes me even more excited than I already am.. if that's possible! Thanks for this awesome feedback about the resort.. I know we are going to have a blast and will want to go back every year!

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    Hi, we are CN devotees as well. Went to CSA once and had a very nice time, but all the while wishing we had stayed at CN as usual. It is calm, beautiful, peaceful, serene. Food is terrific everywhere, everything is sparkling clean. We enjoy the beach vendors and the wandering musicians. The best of all is the wonderful staff. We arrive 12/21, the day we booked put the countdown calendar on our laptop and visit the Couples message board frequently to feel as though we're really not so far away.

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    Good review. We have been going to CN for 5 years, and last year we went to CSA. We will be at CSA in 40 days, but, we actually still love CN the best so we will be there in 47 days, and again in February. We will continue to go to both, only because we give the beach bars, SeaGrapes and the spa a slight advantage over CN so we will just spend time at both each year, February and October. If we have to quit going to one, it would be a hard decision, but I think we would quit going to Swept Away.

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    Shelly, if you have signed up for Romance Rewards they will give you an invite upon check in or maybe call your room. That is what we just experienced. At CSA it would be found in your room a day or two after arrival along with spa certificate and resort credit info.
    If you are not signed up you will not get an invite till your next trip. However, it sounds like you have been there a few times so I would call and see if you would qualify for the dinner during your next trip in 21 days!!!!!

    Happy to hear my review was liked

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shelley Trudell View Post
    I have only been to CN and have no plans of going to another. 21 more days! How do we sign up for the repeaters dinner?
    If you're a repeater, you'll receive your invitation when you arrive at the resort. Then you'll have to call to confirm your attendance. Are you a Romance Rewards member yet? If not, sign up and get more perks! Romance Rewards Levels & Login for Couples Resorts

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