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    Default From the Show Me State-CSA Newcomers!

    My husband and I are headed to Swept Away, Oct 12-19, we booked a room in the Great House. We are super excited however; recent Tripadvisor reviews are making me a bit nervous. I need you repeaters / CSA veterans to send some reassurance our way. I researched a number of resorts prior to choosing CSA and based on my research I felt CSA was the better choice for us low maintenance, middle income Missourians. Please tell me I made the right choice!! All feedback is welcomed.

    Also, has anyone tried Presley's Bar and Grill? I am interested in making reservations however would like some feedback before contacting them.


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    QueenC, have no fear! You will be AMAZED. Is csa perfect? No, but we love the place. Got married there in 04 and have trip #6 in 220 sleeps but who's counting. There wouldn't be so many repeaters if it stunk so get ready to have a great vacation. If you'd like a few pics to help you get ready, email me at Csa is truly paradise.

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    See this recent Trip Advisor thread:

    Recent negative CSA reviews - Negril Forum - TripAdvisor

    It's looks like some of these negative reviews were posted multiple times by the same party. One of them even posted pictures claiming to be bed bugs at CSA but were actually pictures copied from another website. (When I hear "bed bugs" i think "sand fleas" and someone who doesn't know Jamaica.)

    Don't worry about your trip. Do a little research so you know what to expect. Such as is great food, great service and a great beach. The rooms are not wall to wall marble and crystal, but they are comfortable and nice.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    CSA is an awesome resort to stay at and you will not be disappointed. Though we've never stayed in the Great House on any of our 2 visits to CSA we haven't found a place on the resort we wouldn't stay. Just realize that some people come to Couples Resorts with false expectations (expecting a 5-star elite class resort). CSA has 5-star staff and service with a more relaxed, laid back atmosphere but with a little rustic, as opposed to elegant, feel. Come prepared to relax and enjoy sharing some quality time with your spouse, make some friends and have as great a time as you choose. You can do as much or as little on the resort as you want while enjoying some spectacular sunsets and getting to appreciate the Jamiacan people. In made the right choice so don't worry about those nay-sayers on TripAdvisor.

    Have a blast!!!
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    No worries CSA is our favorite. We will be there Oct.10-18. This will be our 5th trip to Jamaica. 4th trip to couples resorts. 3rd trip to CSA. 4th trip to CSA already booked for 2014. As far as the reviews go some people are never happy. As fellow Missourians you made a good choice. Great staff, good food and lots of alcohol see you on the beach.

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    Just got back yesterday and CSA exceeded our expectations. You made a great choice!

    Say hello to Oshane at Seagrapes - he makes THE BEST fish tacos and was a pleasure to talk to. Entertainment Leader "Skippy" was so much fun at Tye-Dying. Everyone (mostly) was so friendly. Great food, sunsets, beach, booze, cat cruise, snorkeling and the Atrium Suite!!! wow..... The Chukka zip-line excursion was awesome!

    A little hiccup before checking out since we never received a checkout notice the day before and I had to go asking when we leave and never received a critique form either. Got that 2 minutes before we boarded bus back to MBJ. That will be noted when I email a copy of the critique in.

    We'd like to go back!

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    Don't worry at all!!! Just booked our 3rd trip in 5yrs to Couples and you can't go wrong! In my option the hardest choice should be picking between Negril or CSA, we love them both.

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    I recently read the TripAdvisor reviews and there are mostly good reviews. Of course there are always a couple of bad views of CSA, but honestly only you can determine if you have a good time or not. We love CSA and have talked 3 other couples into coming with us this year. I would never ask a friend to pay thousands of dollars on something that I didn't this was AWESOME!

    CSA is like a small Carribean village with the most beautiful beach you have ever seen (at least that I have seen). Your food, drink, entertainment, and activites....not to mention other things.....are taken care of, so how could you not have a great time? Go and have a great time. You are going to love it! CSA ROCKS!!!!

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    Hey QueenC - If you're a no hassle, no drama, Midwestern kinda folks, then you'll have a great couples experience. It's not faux chic. It's nice digs and a great locale with some nice folks who will respect your kindness you also display.

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    was there in June and am going to be there again while you are (5th through 14th) - relax - you will have a fabulous time. I was nervous before our first trip (in June) after a rash of bad TA reviews), but we had the best vacation ever. No worries mon.

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    The people that I see that bitch the most about the resort have expectations that they are at the Ritz in New York or Paris. If you come to CSA looking forward to a relaxing trip in a resort that has a more Caribbean Island feel with the best beach around then you will be fine. We have been to all inclusives throughout Mexico and the Caribbean and CSA is now our fav. Relax and enjoy a MUCH different pace than you are used to in the states and you will be fine.
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    Trust this site and the people who frequent Couples...not TripAdvisor where plants from other resorts can post. We'll be there 10/4-14 so may run into you. It'll be my new hubby's 20+th trip and my 5th. Home away from home for sure!!

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    Thank you to everyone that responded. Your comments gave me the piece of mind I was looking for. No worries mon, got it!

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    There is no such thing as the perfect resort since everything is a trade off. What you want to do is to make sure the great things about CSA are important to you and the not so great things aren't deal breakers. If you want the marble palaces you find in Mexico, CSA is not the resort for you. If you want the most fabulous beach you've ever imagined, it is. If you want friendly staff with so many things to do (catamaran cruise, golf, snorkeling, scuba, water skiing, etc.) it's perfect. If you want your own private butler, you probably picked the wrong resort.

    Here's some of my memories of CSA. I love the long beach with hammocks, trees, two bars, palapas, etc. I love the many small buildings with from 4 to 12 rooms to a building. I love the many walkways which are decorated up with candles in the evening making for very romantic walks. I love the friendly guests along with the friendly staff at the resort. I love that you can be as outgoing as you like or you can find plenty of time for just the two of you.

    Don't worry. If you are looking for a wonderful beach resort, you are in the right place.

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    We love CSA. We are going for our 2nd trip in December and cannot wait. We have stayed at fancy pants resorts and much much much prefer the couples attitude. You will have a great time!!

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    We will be there the exact same time as you, 10/12-10/19! It will be us and another couple! I'm really looking forward to it!

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