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    Default Repeaters Dinner Invite

    My hubby and I will be returning to CN for the 2nd time in two years. I have read several post about a repeaters dinner. Is this a dinner for everyone who is returning? How do I get an invite or request to be put on the list?


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    This is a dinner for Romance Rewards members that are returning guests. Hopefully you signed up for Romance Rewards on your last visit. After check-in you'll be given an invitation to attend the repeaters dinner. It's a great time to meet CN staff and enjoy trying some new dishes before anyone else.

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    If you are not a romance reward member sign up for that; link is on the bottom of every page. You can send them an email to see about having last years trip added to your number of days stayed. Do the Pre check in a few weeks before you go and then just tell them when you get to resort that you are a member and an invite should be put in your room.

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    If you are listed on your check in as a repeater then you will get an automatic invite in your check in information. Just make sure however you booked put that into the comments on your reservation.

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    Hi! You can let them know that you are a repeater when you check in and they will send an invite to your room. If you are a member of Romance Rewards, when you do pre-check in, the resort will be alerted to your status and your invite should be included in your check in documents. If its not there let them know and I'm sure they will take care of you! Have a great trip!!!

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    If I remember right they had our romance rewards at checkin (so they knew we were repeaters) and got an invitation when we arrived. Honestly we weren't really all that excited about it (we like to keep to ourselves on vaca) but it ended up being our favorite dinner of the trip and enjoyed talking to repeat guests. I am very much looking forward to it on our trip in April. Enjoy!!!

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    You usually get a letter delivered to your room inviting you to it asnd then you just ring to confirm. The dinner is on a monday evening and well worth attending.

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    Sign up for Romance Rewards, if you you haven't already. Follow the link at at the bottom of this page. Once you have your RR number, call 1-800-Couples, and let them know you need to add your previous stay to your account. At least 2 weeks before your next trip, go back to the RR page and fill out the pre-check-in. This will arrange your shuttle pick-up, stock your mini-bar, and set you up for the Repeater Dinner all at once. Upon arrival, double check with the front desk to make sure they know. And FYI, while the Repeater Dinner is a great perk, the resort credits are a much better one, which you also qualify for. You also get a welcome gift.

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    All repeaters are invited to the dinner. You will receive an invitation when you check in.

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    Thanks guys! I just signed up and called and got credit for my previous stay. Im so excited! I love Negril!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beth View Post
    All repeaters are invited to the dinner. You will receive an invitation when you check in.
    I stand corrected but if you're a repeater you ought to be a Romance Reward member or you're missing out on all the benefits.

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    Thanks Bart and Bug! I signed up and im also thinking of taking advantage of my trading places option.

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    You're welcome. Enjoy your return to CN!!!

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