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    Default Check out US Airways great prices

    I flew this past april to Jamaica....the best rate I found was US Airways for about $600/pp...the price eventually climbed to $900/pp.....I have been watching the rates for some time now, for April 2010....they have been slightly about $600/pp......They just dropped to $488/pp from IND to MBJ..... We are booked and very happy!!! Hope others are able to get some great rates as well! Nothing better then going back to CN for a longer time and it being cheaper.....thanks couples & US Airways!


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    Default Flight

    Are you flying from Indianapolis? Did that include taxes and fees? I am looking to book for 12/09--price is around $598/pp. Did you find this price recently?

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    when did you find this rate? does it include taxes/fees?

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    Don't know if any of you are able to fly out of O'Hare, but I just booked American non-stop to MBJ in April for 756 total (after fees/taxes). So..378/person and no Miami layover - woo hoo!!!

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    Yesterday from Charlotte nonstop it was 470! I really need to get it booked for our May trip!

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    Yup, those are great prices right now !! $418 p.p. for us from Rochester (thru CLT) for next May !! It doesn't usually get too much lower than that for us.

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    Don't be fooled though. US Airways charges $20 for the first bag and $30 for the second one way. So add at least $100 to that flight.

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    I'm flying out of Philadelphia non stop to CN in March 2010. Air Jamaica was $507 pp (inc. taxes & fees) yesterday and last week. I checked today and it was down to $367 pp - I booked and saved almost $280 - Woohooooooo!

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    So far airlines are not charging for bags if you are traveling overseas only for domestic flights are they charging baggage fees. AA lets you bring 2 bags per person on for free on an international flight.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I think Delta is the only carrier that gives you your first bag free to Jamaica, in July it was 2 bags.
    Irie Mon

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    Our air fare for two with US Airways, next June, was under $900, round trip out of STL. I thought that was pretty fair (no pun intended).

    If you are pricing, check their web site. It is very easy to navigate and price out air or travel packages. That's what we used for our trip.

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    I booked our flight on June 4th for April 2010 and got our flights at $338 base fare PP.

    Add in taxes and trip/cancellation insurance the bill came to a total of $901 for our round trip for 2 and it was NON STOP out of Boston.

    I don't have extra charges for our luggage.

    Deals can be found if you look. Don't expect to find them a month before you leave but if you plan in advance good rates can be found.

    Keep an eye on Air Trans as they appear to be planning to provide service to MBJ.

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    I wish I could find these good rates. I just checked US Air again for April 2010 out of Philly and the rates are still high. Price is $1,392 for 2 which includes all taxes, etc.

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    Default Just found the air fare

    We just finished booking our airfare for Feb 2010. Had to go out of OHare. Nonstop flight on American for 377.00. Was getting worried about the prices going up and down- then found out from the TA that there were only a few seats on a charter out of Milwaukee. Happy and relieved right now.

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    We flew out of Philly early September not stop and the same back. We only were charged for our bags for the trip to MBJ and not at all on the way back. Not sure why? Others that flew with us where the same and this was US Airways.

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    I don't know what sites you are using but I would do some homework. I checked Air Jamaica and they are only $556 plus tax Non Stop for 2 Philly to MBJ.

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    That is 488/pp including all from Ind to CLT with 1hr layover.....We take off from IND at 7am and land at 11:30am

    Just check charge for bags going to Jamaica.

    good Luck!


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    We booked in Early Sept. w/Delta for February 27, 2010 - 8 nights - paid $406/pp. Whew...that seems to be a pretty good price after seeing other comments here.
    BTW...just added Negril, Jamaica weather to my desktop at work - currently 88 and cloudy. Must be time for a LUNCH break as the sun will be shining again in no time! Can hardly wait and it's still ~ 5 months away!

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    I am checking the US Air website for my prices for April 2010 out of Philly. I know Air Jamaica is cheaper right now but I just don't trust them. I am still holding out that US Air will drop their prices a bit. Plane is still half empty at this point.

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    CMoore, have you tried adjusting your travel dates on the US Airways site, if that is possible for you. If you fly on Tuesdays I know the rates are better. I think Wednesdays also, I haven't looked for a while. Anyway try different days and see if you don't get a better fare. If you are not flexible on your travel days you may want to look at other airlines or be more creative. Such as flying to a different city on another airline and then on to Jamaica. This has been done by others with great results. Also try searching flights out of MBJ back to the States, sort of a reverse flight plan, to cities that you know you can get a bargain rate. Sometimes when booking on your own you have to think out of the box a little bit.

    Good luck!

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    Default Flights

    I have found that Tuesday-Sat is cheaper than Wed-Sun when flying with US Air ... I found the flight that Jay spoke of with US AIR IND-MTB for $488p/p. Thanks for the orbitz no bag fee tip ...

    Also for anyone traveling from Detroit rates run about $340p/p on Delta and you leave DTW at 7am and get to Montego Bay anywhere from 12:30-3pm

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    Default US air flight

    Booked on US Air for Feb 12/19 out of Portland, Maine via Phil. to MBJ. $509 PP round trip!

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