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    Default Camouflage shorts are illegal in Barbados....

    ....according to BBC Radio 4 this morning in an article about unusual laws that catch tourists out. In fact all camouflage clothing is illegal in Barbados.

    I thought it might be handy to know for packing.


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    I think there are many topics on this for Jamaica as well. I never had anyone say anything to our groups though in the few trips that we have been to Jamaica.

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    really?? wow

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    Camouflage is illegal in many places in the Caribbean and Central America in particular due in part to its association with criminal, para-militray and revolutionary groups. It is also the obviously the uniform of some police and military so to avoid folks impersonating the police and harassing others, it is illegal. One would hope tourists in camo shorts, sleeveless shits, baseball caps, and sandals would not be given much attention but to avoid any issues I'd leave it at home.

    Scott and June

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    The same thing in Antigua. I got my bandana taken from me by security.
    12/2010 CN
    04/2011 CSA
    02/2012 CSA
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    12/2014 CSA

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    But, how can they see it? It's camo.

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    ha jimpat1 - brilliant!

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    Our last trip in July to CSS when we were picking up our luggage at Montego Bay airport and employee asked me to change my shorts as they were a camo style but not the actual colors, they said if I left them on when I got to the immigration checkpoint they would take them from me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimpat1 View Post
    But, how can they see it? It's camo.

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    Glad I read this! My fiance lives in camo shorts. Maybe he will go buy real shorts now.

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    How about camouflage Crocs? I don't want anyone to see my feet.

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    Hi, It has been a couple of months so I hope I get the story straight. One of the couples that we see at the end of July at CSS had quite the experience at the airport when hubby was wearing camo shorts. I believe they asked him to change and that he could retreive his shorts when he was leaving Jamaica. It was quite the interesting story by the pool! Got it!!! No CAMO!!! Save travels everyone!!!:-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by amanda776 View Post
    Glad I read this! My fiance lives in camo shorts. Maybe he will go buy real shorts now.
    My husband has a favorite pair of camo shorts and we have been to Couples 8 times...we never had an issue either at airport or at the resort. We've been to CSA, CTI and now CSS.

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