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    Default Travel size laundry detergent

    Any suggestion on travel size detergents that eould work out well to wash a few items in the sink?

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    Tide has a travel sized liquid packet (comes in a 3-pack) for hand wash/sink use. I get them at my local grocery store (Wegmans), but I've seen them at Target, the Christmas Tree Shoppe, etc... Tide Travel Sink Packets, 3-Count: Health & Personal Care

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    How about a small bottle of Woolite?
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    I always pack some ERA in a small plastic bottle. You could also take a TIDE stain stick.

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    We took a bottle of Woolite. It worked great for the few things I needed to rinse, and we just left the remainder to make room in the suitcase for Rum Cream.

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    Tide travel sink packets are available. I purchased some at Walmart.

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    I didnt bring anything. I used the liquid soap in the shower. It worked just fine for washing out my swim suit.
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