Has anyone used the Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer (sunless tanning lotion) while in Jamaica? Did it work okay since it is so humid there. Did it stay on while using hot tubs and go in the water?

We live in a dry climate and it works fine here. My husband and I usually do about 3 months in a tanning bed before going on our trip. Due to my husband getting Melanoma this summer(Thankfully, he is totally cancer free) we need to change our tanning habits. I want to continue getting using SPF and lay in the shade while there however: I want to continue using this sunless tanning lotion to look tan. Any suggestions on this or any other sunless tanning lotion would be appreciated. We will be in the hot tub and water. I've seen people that get spray on tans and they go blotchy when in and out of the water. Thank you for all your help.