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    Default First Timers Heading to CTI in Feb/March 2014, any suggestions?

    My husband and I and 4 other couples are heading to Couples Tower Isle for 5 nights at the end of Feb. We were wondering what tips, etc. you could recommend to us being there the first time?

    Also, what is the typical weather that time of year and is there any nightlife or activities going on then?


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    Definitely go to Dunn River Falls and go on the catameran cruise! Night life varies by the groups there and what you make of it. They are in the process of turning the old logo shop into a night club. If you look on CTIs page you can view a pdf of activities offered. We love the steel drum band. This trip we will get to hear them twice The beach party is usually fun too.

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    I see they have a bonefire on the beach while we are down there...can't wait to go! We have 170 days left! lol. Its a long way but so worth it! How many days are you or have you gone? We are only doing 5 nights!

    Another question, can we sign up ahead of time for the catameran cruise, etc.?

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    Try tower isle early. Just try it! My hubby and I wanted to try it, but very nervous. On our first day there, (after a drink for courage) we just said, "ok. Lets go!" It was really awkward taking our suits off, but.... What a freeing feeling! I actually felt less judged naked than I did on the beach clothed. If you don't like it then get dressed and don't go back. But don't waste your whole trip wondering if you should try it. And if you are adventurous and know you want to go, take lotion sunscreen versus spray. The spray can burn certain areas. Have a great time! We went this past April and the weather was great.

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    Christina - this is our 3rd trip. My hubby and I were married there Sept 18, 2006. We stayed for 2 weeks that trip. We went back Oct 2011 for our 5 year anniversary and stayed for 11 days. We are headed back in 18 days (woohoo!!) for our 7 year anniversary and staying 12 days this trip. We never know when we will get to go back with kids, and airfare is expensive, so we like the longer trips.

    I would recommend going to the guest services desk and signing up for the catameran and the restaurants that need reservations if you know when you are wanting to do those. The catameran is offered more frequently then our last visit, since Couples owns it now, so I would think its easier to get on it now, but with a 6 day trip I would recommend signing up right away.

    Let me know if you have any questions I can answer for you. You guys will love CTI!

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