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    One other negative thing I see is that many reviewers who diss CSA talk about long waits for dinner. For those who have been there, is this a big problem? It seemed to mention this at Feathers.

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    Default dinner reservations

    Yes thats the only bad thing about Couples. Trying to get reservations especially if its a group of people that your there with.

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    I was there at the end of August and thought we had fantastic service! We even went to dinner at all different hours and found no difference-always polite, quick service with fantastic food!!! When we ate at Feathers we had the early reservation and received our food in a very timely fashion. The biggest issue I had was choosing which delicious thing to eat at each meal - pix from CSA 8/18-8/25

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    I don't know what you are talking about. I have never had to wait more than a few minutes. You make a reservation and you go at that time and you get seated.... If you are talking about slow service.....well you are in Jamaica. Slow down and enjoy the fun...In Jamaica there are a few sayings you should learn before you go. 1. Soon Come! 2. No Problem Mon! Plus the food is worth waiting for in most cases... Go and have a BLAST, we always do...

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    while i have never experienced that issue in five previous trips i guess it could happen. where are you getting this information from?


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    I totally understand your concerns as I had the same concerns on my first visit in 2007, but for us it was NOT a problem. We were easily able to book a reservation for Lemon Grass and Feathers during our relatively short stay (five days) despite having another couple with us during that stay. Don't worry, I am positive you will get a chance to experience all of the restaurants that you wish to during your stay. You will have a lovely time. Have FUN.

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    I haven't been to Couples yet--41 days to CSA!--but we have been to Jamaica 13 times and I can tell you that things in Jamaica happen on a different time schedule. This isn't a complaint unique to Couples, if you look at reviews of other resorts on Trip Advisor you'll see the exact thing mentioned. If you approach your vacation with the attitude that you are not at home but rather in their country and realize that they aren't being rude or making a personal gesture towards you or any other guests but simply operating in their normal manner in their own country you will actually come to enjoy the slow pace. Leave your watch in your room and don't worry about how long it's taking for your dinner or your drink or whatever to arrive, visit with your significant-other and learn to slow down a bit, you might find it's a nice change of pace from the hustle and bustle of life-by-the-clock at home.

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    We have visited CSA twice and never felt that dinner involved waiting. My biggest complaint when dining out is always waiting for the check. No check, no wait. We were very pleased with our service at Feathers and went twice last time. Both times were just right. If we wanted to plow through our meal we could have opted for the buffet. We have dined at all options and never felt that there was a wait anywhere. But then we feel the same way about any bar. Heck, we are on vacation and there is no rush for anything. If there is a Jamaica time, it agrees with us. Waiting on trip number three to CSS in January! Talk about a concern with waiting!

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    We never once had to wait for dinner. I'm surprised to hear this is a complaint.

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    We were at Swept Away in August and never had a problem with getting a reservation at either Feathers or Lemongrass. Also never felt service was slow. We have been to Mexico where you were given a pager and had to wait an hour or more after you made your reservation. Couples is not like that at all. Once you are there you will know everyone that answered this question was telling you the truth. There is so much beauty to look at while you are waiting to be served you will not even notice the time. Jamaica is like another world and Swept Away is almost HEAVEN!! You will love it. Relax and enjoy - you picked the right resort.

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the posts. For those interested, the "negative" reviews were mostly from Tripadvisor. There were not many, but the ones did mentioned the problems getting a reservation. Hope to go in 2011!

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    One of my personal pet peeves when dining out in the States is that half the time (or more) they rush you through your courses. I most decidedly do NOT want my entree if I am still working on my appetizer or my salad when I am still eating my soup. Couples does a FINE FINE job of allowing you to have a leisurely, romantic meal with your SO. In fact, one of the things that we particularly enjoy at Couples is the pace of our meal. If you want a quick 30 minute grab and go, don't order any appetizers, soup or salad, and skip right to the entree... or inform your server that you want to move rapidly. If you want to sit, and talk, and drink wine with your SO and enjoy a nice meal, then just go with the flow and have a great time.

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    Oh... and regarding the reservations, we have never been denied a reservation at any of the restaurants. We might not eat at "peak" dining hours (i.e. 6:30 or 7pm) but if you are a little flexible with your times, you can definitely get a reservation... many times on the same evening.

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    Reservations have never been a problem on any of our three trips to CSA. We have even been seated without a reservation at Lemon Grass, we just had to wait a short while at the martini bar. Not a bad place to wait for a table.

    However, the time between ordering and being served your dinner could be more than you are used to. The above comments are correct in their description of "Jamaican time". There is not a business model to push customer turnover at Feathers.

    Relax, have another drink. Speak to the folks at the next table, we made many new freinds this way. On more than one occasion we wound up pushing a couple of tables together to create a group dinner. Speak to the staff, they are very freindly and quite entertaining. It makes for a very leisurely and relaxing evening. Enjoy the down time, it is a vacation after all.

    One thing that does not fit in well at Couples is a rigid schedule. Soon come, soon come.

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    You are dining on JAMAICAN TIME.

    Learn to slow down and relax. You'll enjoy it more.

    It's not the drive - thru lane.
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