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    Default HELP! Which resort is best?!!!

    My hubby and I went to Couples Negril this June and we fell in love with it! We have convinced a few of our family and friends to tag along with us next year but I want to know which resort would be the best fit for us. We will be a group between the ages of 30-35 years of age. Is their a particular resort know for relaxing, partying, activities, etc? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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    Any of them would work for you, csa is our favorite. Trip #6 is in 222 sleeps. If you'd like a few pics of csa, email me at
    It's truly paradise!

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    we love couples Negril--small but not to small

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    I'd say Couples Sweptaway would probably better suit your needs. After having visited CSA last year for the first time, it appeared to be a haven for the age group you describe.

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    I think CSA is better for the group setting. CN is much more laid back. You can always do a trading places day if you need to get a CN fix while in Negril.

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    Since you went to CN last June and loved it, I'm confused as to why you are asking the question? If I were you I'd go with what I know.

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    My vote is CSA as well. I have been to both, and I think about CSA more than CN.

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    Couples Negril or Couples San Souci are our faves!... BUT we're biased because those are the only two we've been too.

    Couples Negril has such a beautiful spot in Bloody Bay, it's just perfect. And like leonard said, it's small but not too small. There's only one large main pool though, so if you said "meet by the pool" you'd know which one they meant and would be easy to find.

    Couples San Souci is small in the number of rooms, but has a really large property to wander on, with a few different pools. This resort gives you more opportunity to get away from the others, if you need to.

    Good luck deciding!

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    That is a loaded question! It's like asking which flavor of ice cream is best at Baskin Robbins. Any of the Couples Resorts would be relaxing. For everything else it really comes down to which resort meets the needs of those going (personal preference). In our opinion CN has the most activities...if you count the daily activities that are offered and encouragement of the entertainment staff to get guests involved. However, when it comes to a party atmosphere CSA has more to offer with the Aura Lounge/disco/night club where you can enjoy sing-alongs around the piano with Ultimate Chocolate or dancing the night away on the lighted dance floor. Of course CTI and CSS are great selections also, as the excursion to Dunn's River Falls is included, but the night life is a little less (there's more relaxing).

    Don't feel alone in not being able to decide which Couples Resort is best. We can't either...which is why we keep going back so we can visit each and enjoy the uniqueness that makes each one "best" for us. Best wishes on finding out which resort is best for you!!

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    WOW that is a loaded question for the message board, as everyone has there favorite, as I have mine.

    CSA all the way. Being around the same age group as you I can tell you we never felt too old or too young for anything or anywhere on the property. It has lots to offer and the beach is incredible. You can walk all day and visit with the locals.

    We are heading back for our 4th trip in Dec (95 days) and aren't ready to try anywhere else yet.

    CSA 2007
    CSA 2008
    CSA 2011
    CSA 2013

    Relax and have fun at whatever resort you choose.

    Respect Mon

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    I also think CSA would be a nice fit! I've gone there with groups of friends and had a blast. The perfect size to be able to slip away from the group and find alone time but still the right size to be able to find each other easily for that group time.

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    For a group I'd say CSA. We 1st went to Negril for our honeymoon and CSA for 2yr anniversary and just booked Negril again. We are incredibly lazy and laid back people on vacation and Negril has more of that feel (we also keep to ourselves). However, if we went back with a group I'd do CSA. I think CSA would appeal to anyone and has a little more social setting. Good thing is you can't go wrong with either though!

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    The only other advice you may wish to consider is that Couples is geared towards couples - it's not a mecca for partiers (like Cabo). And I have seen some TA reviews that complain about the service for groups.


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