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    Default Resort Full in December

    I just checked the booking page and there are no rooms available the first week in December. Will it really be at 100% capacity or is something else going on? Renovations?

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    The resort is most likely book, renovation are usually done in the off season.

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    The Reggae Marathon is scheduled for December 7, 2013. That pulls a lot of people to Negril (and CN and CSA) if those are the resorts you were checking out.
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    There are renovations going on, but even if there were not and the resort is a sell out, it is hard to tell as the resort is laid out so well that even when it is a sell out you have no idea. I've been there when it was sold out and during slow season, no difference in service or anything else. Couples does it right!
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    This is in reference to Couples Barbados.

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