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    Default Has anyone gone to the local school to donate?? (Issa Foundation)

    Being a RN, I am very involved with charities for children with cancer in the Philadelphia area... I feel so blessed to be able to vacation in Jamaica.. With that being said, has anyone donated to their Issa Foundation and gone to the local school to meet the children?? I heard the hotel will provide transportation, is this true? And I'm assuming this is safe to travel away from the resort for this as well? Just feeling like I would like to take an hour away from my much needed bar time to give back to their community... Thoughts???

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    When we were at CSS they took us over for a visit at the school they sponsor. The resort provided the transportation. One of their staff was the liaison to that school and accompanied us. We had contacted the resort a couple months before our trip and were put in contact with this person. We asked them to identify specific needs at that school so we were able to bring school items they could use based on actual needs instead of just what we thought would be good. We spent a little over an hour there, were perfectly safe and had a great time with the kids. In was the highlight of our stay. Be sure to take pictures (we asked first). The kids love getting their pictures taken (as most kids do) and we were able to share this with our Bible study class who had donated the items.

    Each resort sponsors a school and will do the same thing. We tried it once on a visit to CSA but were unable to visit the school as we were there during their 2 week break for Easter. We left the items with the liaison who took them to the school once they were back in session. They even took pictures of the kids and sent them to us via e-mail.

    Have a blast and really get to know the people of Jamaica...visit the school!!

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    When we started the Couples Resorts Charity Golf Tournament in 2001 we did it primarily for the Port Maria Hospital in Port Maria. We then added the Three Hills Primary School in Ocho Rios and re furnished the school with donated student desks, teacher desks and file cabinets with the help of Rotary International. There is a great effort through the Couples Resorts Golf Tournament, Rotary International and The Issa Truat Foundation to help children in Jamaica. Please visit one of the schools that each resort sponsors and try to help.

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    Our last trip to CSA we brought 1 full suitcase full of stuff mostly from a teachers supply store items / posters...anatomy, alphabet, numbers, etc...also a bunch of kids books of the "see spot run" to some of the fairy tale classics. Needless to say it was a real big hit. We had a grand time, the kids were beautiful and well behaved and loved having their pics taken. It was really rewarding for us to hopefully have an itsy bitsy impact. I say go for it!

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    I took a One Love Bus tour on my trip. The driver escorted me to the Negril Public library so I could make a donation. It's attached to a school. The Negril Public library is across the street from the first stop on the One Love pub crawl. So it was a way for me to be charitable, support some locals and also stay on 'vacation' for the most part.

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    I am rrally interested in donating but i feel so overwhelned i dont know where to start! I will be returning to CN next June, should i call them to see which school theu donate too? Also do you buy the supplies their or bring them from the US?

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    Go to and check it out.....there are lots of ways to help I will be staying at CSA in a few days, but am going to go up to Ochi for one day to participate in the Issa Trust Foundation medical mission (I'm an RN too). We bring a full size suitcase every year filled with school supplies; Walmart had great deals this year, so I may have to use 2 suitcases! And then we use the empty suitcases for souvenirs we buy and keeping our laundry seperated. We feel blessed as well to be able to travel to Jamaica every year and I am looking forward to actual hands on giving back this year.
    Nancy Mac

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    Who do you contact to make a visit possible?

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    I think bringing the items to Jamaica is the route to take. You have many options that are simply not available or too expensive. Even simple stuff like paint, masking tape, pencils and notebooks can make a world of difference.

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    This is our 6th trip to CSA and I have been wanting to do this the past couple years. Anyone with information on how to do this from CSA please let me know!

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    The easiest way to set up bringing items to support the school supported by the Couples Resort you're visiting is to contact that resort (we normally do it by e-mail). They can get you in contact with their person that liaisons with the school. From there it's finding out what is needed, looking for school supplies on sale (this is a great time with all the back-to-school sales), purchasing them and taking them with you. As suggested by others, putting those items you're going to donate into a suitcase is easiest so it can be used for dirty clothes/souvenirs on the return. We strongly recommend accompanying the supplies to the school so you can get to meet the teachers and kids. It also helps to give a real appreciation for the schools we have here after seeing all they do with what little they have there.

    When we were at CSA in 2011 Sandrea White was the Guest Relations Team Leader that helped set up our bringing supplies to the Mount Airy Basic School they support. Experience the blessing of getting to know the people of Jamaica and making a difference!!!

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    My fiance and I are traveling to Jamaica from December 3-15. Our wedding will be at the Riu Palace Tropical Bay from Dec 3-8, then over to CSA from Dec 8-15. We simply won't have enough space to bring much, but would love to take a trip to the school! Any idea where I could get items in Jamaica? I'm sure we can fit SOME supplies in our suitcases, but we are already paying to bring about 4 extra ones, just for wedding stuff and being away from home for 12 nights. Any ideas would be great!

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