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    We are staying at CSA for the first time at the end of this month. We are booked in an Ocean View Veranda Suite and are wondering if there is anything specific as to location, floor, etc. that we should request or avoid? Any suggestions and info would be much appreciated.


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    I like the OVS rooms that are right by the hot tub. These rooms are more centrally located on the resort. If you are wanting to go in and out of your verandah door, then request a first floor. If you are wanting privacy and a good view, request a 3rd floor room. I like the corner rooms because it has more natural light coming into the room because of windows behind the bed. Really any OVS room is going to be great because you are at the best resort ever. CSA rocks! We go in about a month. I can't wait.

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    We stayed in a GVS before! Your room will be the same but will have glimpse of the beach peeking through foliage! We think 3rd floor rooms are best for view and privacy and try to get a end room! Little more light and wood blinds on side window! We seen small crabs going under ground floor room doors at night! Would not like that! Would think ants could be a issue with ground floor rooms! Hope you have a great trip!

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    We stayed in that room category in 2008. All the rooms are great. If you like privacy ask for a 2nd or 3rd floor. My husband likes to be able to leave out the verandah door, so we request 1st floor room. Also, the corner rooms have shutters you can open and get sunlight in, if that makes a difference. Enjoy and have a hummingbird on me

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    These room blocks are all kinda located close together
    Biggest choice to me would be which floor 1-3 and if youre ok climbing steps
    Wouldnt surprise me if one of the blocks isnt under major renovation
    We are here now

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    There's no "view" in the name, just ocean veranda suite. They are tucked behind the beachfront verandas so don't expect a great view. It's a great location and maybe 2 minute walk to the beach, great choice, you are going to have a blast.

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