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    Default Updates on SSB ???????

    How about some updates on the progress of the renovations on SSB. The first phase of closing the whole area should be done by now. Is it? I can't help but notice that none of these threads on this topic are being updated. It would help those of us with upcoming trips to know what is going on. With nothing posted, makes us think things are not going as planned. In this case, no news is frustrating.

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    Guests have been posting updates under the Au natural tab. Look for "Day 1 of SSB Reno" There's pics too.

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    Hi jls8756, go to the Au Naturel page and click on the thread for Day 1 SSB Reno. There are pictures and other info on this thread.

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    Check the AN board. Plenty of updates there!
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    Go to the au natural board. Lots of pictures and updates there.

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