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Thread: au at csa?

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    Default au at csa?

    Is there any au at csa or do you have to go over to ssb?

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    No au natural at CSA a nd sunset beach is at CSS and on the other side of the island.
    If you want au natural you need to book CSS, CN or CTI. However,if you are a Romance Reward member you can do trading places at CN for a day. They have a nude beach.

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    Swept Away does not have any AN. So you would have to go to CN if you would like an all over tan!:-)

    Have a wonderful trip!

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    What is CSA's policy for topless sunbathing on the beach? We visited Iberostar a couple of years ago and they were fine as long as you were on the beach and not walking around or near the pool area. Can someone please give me their thoughts? experience?

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    Topless is fine on the beach...not sure about the swimming pool, though.

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    See the link to the FAQ section. About half way down the page you will find the Coupes policy on topless sunbathing.

    Couples Resorts | Frequently Asked Questions | Travel, Jamaica, Resort Info

    When we were at CSA a few years back we would see topless sunbathers on the beach every day Nobody bothered them. No Problem. The last trip we went to CTI with another trip next February. Only 108 more days until Paradise

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