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    Default CTI Trip Review 8/24-8/31

    Good day all,

    My wife and I just concluded our 4th visit to CTI and this is a review of our experience. We left DFW airport at around 10:00am on Sat 8/24 and arrived with no flight issues at around 2:00pm. Our flights were booked direct on American Airlines. Upon arrival, it was amazing to see the line of people at the Montego Bay immigration area. It took about 1 1/2 hours to get though immigration! This was the first time we had ever encountered this. We were accompanied by 3 other couples to celebrate our 10th year anniversary and vow renewal. We enjoyed a few Red Stripes after making it to the Couples lounge and were on our way within 15 minutes. We enjoyed our ride to CTI as the driver was very talkative and kept us amused on our way to the resort. After arriving at the resort, we were met with cold towels and drinks served by Captain Kirk. Everald assisted us in getting our bags to the rooms. It's always pretty cool to know when you are remembered and welcomed home. For the first time we stayed in Bldg 4. We were on the 5th floor. We always get the ocean view and it was gorgeous as usual. We got to the resort right around 6:00pm due to the delay at immigration and quickly changed to attend the Poolside Gala. This is where I noticed the first change in the previous visits. I know that we had discussed on the Board having more reggae music being played. Randymon/management must have heard us as we enjoyed a night of wonderful reggae singing and music. The entertainment at the Poolside Gala was the best that I had ever experienced before. I just kept thinking thank you Randymon..It was great. The young lady and the gentleman who sang were fantastic and the gentleman that played the sax was incredible. The food, of course was wonderful and the vacation started off like a dream.
    Over the course of the week we enjoyed just about everything that the resort offered. I'd like to make special mention of the Duns River Falls tour where we had such a great guide. A few of the couples that attended with us from Dallas were a wee bit older and he made special care to ensure their safety and that they enjoyed the experience. He was wonderful and deserves a load of thanks. I wish him well. We all had a fantastic time!
    Six of us rented a cab one day and ate at Scotchies. The food was great and we all enjoyed it.
    The catamaran sail ride was wonderful as well because we had a school of at least 10 dolphins meet up with us and swim alongside for quite sometime. Everyone was so surprised and this was such a thrill. The guides mentioned that this happens on a very rare occasion and we had never experienced it before on our prior trips.
    We attended the Repeaters dinner and afterwards the Beach Party. The entertainment was wonderful. Later in the week we enjoyed the Steel Drum Band which continues to amaze us with their energetic and charismatic performances. They are not to be missed.
    The food at Bayside, Eight Rivers, The Verandah and the Patio Grill was wonderful at all times. It was just as we had expected. The staff was great and we enjoyed ALL of our interactions. My wife and another one of the girls enjoyed the spa and my buddies and I had some great workouts in the Fitness Center. During the week we also did the Glass Bottom boat and snorkeled.
    We had our vow renewal on Friday 8/30, on the grassy area next to the swim up bar. Words cannot express how beautiful it was. The staff paid such care to my wife and the Minister was such a gentlemen of class and grace. I thought that the vows he said were even better than the when we first were married 10 years previous in the US. We all had dinner on the island that night and enjoyed the menu of steak and lobster.
    During the week I had an opportunity to meet Brawd and his wonderful wife. Thanks for twisting my wife's arm and your check is in the mail. :-) I also saw Woodbridgeata and his wife at the swim up bar. It is always a pleasure to meet great people.
    We decided to avoid the same lines at immigration on departure and my wife and I paid for everyone to take advantage of the Mobay Club. We left at around 9:15am on Sat 8/31 and upon arrival at the airport were whisked away to the Mobay Club with expediency. There, we enjoyed drinks and snacks until our flight was called for boarding. The flight went without a hitch and we arrived back in Dallas quick fast and in a hurry.
    It all seems like a dream now. Such a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful dream. Until next time, we love you CTI...Take care. If the Lord so blesses, we definitely will return.. Thank you so much for the memories. Peace...

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    Thanks for your review! I'm glad you made it to scotchees, we had a blast the day we went. It was indeed my pleasure meeting you and your lovely bride. We always use club mobay for arrival, sometimes it pays off but it's a gamble. I agree with everything you said about the resort and the entertainment. We went on the cat cruise the day before you. EVERYONE was talking about the Dolphins the next day! I'm sorry we missed them! Anyway plans are already in the works for the same time next year, hopefully you can join us. I will still be here stalking the board.

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    Awesome, glad you had a great trip!

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    Thanks Woody...By the way, nice tat.. Thanks Softail19...Take care all..

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    I really enjoyed reading your review and was left with a very peaceful feeling after I finished. Your positive attitude and appreciation shone through and lifted my spirits. I could feel how sincere you are, and love that you had such a memorable experience.

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    Thanks for your review! We'll be there in exactly four weeks!

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