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    Default Pre-Check in problems, Not the same as recent threads!!!

    We are 23 long days out from our 6th trip to CSA so I figured I would do the pre-check in today after my usual patrol around the MB. I was able to log in and see our status and unfortunately that one of our weeks expired... Anyhow, I then clicked over to the pre-check in site and was unable to log in. I entered the same client # and password but when I click submit it erases my password and acts like I never entered it... Has anyone had this issue or am I forgetting something???

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    I had that issue on my ipad. I switched to my PC and had no problem. I think it has something to do with the different browsers.. ? Any techies out there know for sure?

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    You have to actually click the log in button - if you just hit your enter key it will not work.

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    I'm pretty sure it means you're due to update your browser. I had all sorts of problems with Windows, downloaded the newest version, and all the problems went away.

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