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    Default Really Booked??

    My husband and I are booked for CN, arriving 06DEC. This will be our 7th trip!!

    I know it's late, but friends of ours who have also been to CN would like to join us and everything is showing the resort as booked. Does anyone know of any places to try or waiting lists? I know hotels do sometimes block rooms for TA's, etc and we do have a call into one TA. Just thought someone might have a trick up their sleeve.

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    Yes, it's really booked. It started filling up early, because the Reggae Marathon is on the 7th and there will still be buildings closed for renovation. About 4 months ago, we looked at coming out with friends from Dec 4-11 and the night of the 6th was already full, because of crossover reservations. I called the resort then, and they really had no rooms. Unfortunately, the web is correct.
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    I dont know of any, but maybe consider changing the dates of your stay so they can go with you? your schedule may not allow it, but couples will do it up to 45 days prior to the reservation dates

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    Yeah, we are going for our wedding during that time at CSA and they are fully booked too so unfortunately friends of ours that still wanted to come can't unless they stay at another resort.

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