Ha - made you look

I know this question has been definitively answered by Randymon's post a few months ago (officially -no singles allowed) so I thought I would start a thread to help those who have a reluctant spouse with some ideas to help convince them they should at least give it a try.

I know there are threads with tips but they are all buried in stories of first times etc.

This thread is more for the spouse who just can't seem to convince the other to give it a try.

For example:

Problem - we were concerned about seeing people at dinner, excursions etc AFTER seeing them naked at ssb

Solution - for our first AN experience we traded places to cti! That way there was no chance we would see anyone from css so if we didn't like it, we could just quietly leave (we loved it!)

Very quickly we realized that our fear was for nothing as it was actually nice to see those same people later at dinner & such - we even had dinner together with some couples we met at ssb

Tell us all how you managed to get your spouse to give it a try - their concerns and how those concerns lived up to reality.

Hopefully with some good tips, there won't be any spouses feeling the need to ask that question.

(And for the record - if you're respectful and not a gawker - we could care less if you show up alone - just realize the official policy is no singles)