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    My fiancé and I are staying at CSA this month. I saw some reviews on line about the rooms. (not good) Has anyone stayed in these suites. Wondering if we are going to get the view we requested. Any other tid bits would be appreciated

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    The room you booked is truly beachfront and I think you are going to love it. If you want to be able to go in and out of your verandah door, then request a first floor room. If you want some privacy and a view, then go for a 3rd floor room. A corner room will have more natural light. If you get to your room and you don't like it, make sure to let them know. Normally if they have something else available, they'll move you to another room. You are going to love CSA! We leave a month from today and can't wait.

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    We are headed there end of the month. First time to CSA. we booked the BFVS also, but at the time the premier beachfront suites were about the same price. Hope we made the right choice!

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    On our last 2 stays we were in BFVS, first floor. This was what we requested since we wanted the ease of just walking out our front porch to the beach and were lucky enough to get it. You really are steps away from the beach with amazing views of the sunset. Like Margi said, if you want more privacy, I would ask for 2nd or 3rd floor. We absolutely loved our room location on both occasion, however, the bathrooms are in need of renovations, but were cleaned everyday. It did not affect our stay whatsoever, as we know not to expect 5*luxury from the décor, but a more rustic Jamaican vibe which suits us just fine. If you go with this mindset, you will have a wonderful time looking out to the breathtaking sunsets from your balcony! Go & enjoy!

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    We have stayed in the BFVS rooms numerous times and we love them. You literally are right on the beach. We have stayed in first, second, and third floor rooms and they all have their advantages. The view from the 3rd floor rooms is amazing, but trekking up and down all those stairs can get old, especially late at night. The 2nd floor is our least favorite floor since the view can be obstructed and you can hear noise from the floor above and below. We liked being on the first floor and walking directly from our patio to the beach, but the view wasn't as good. We also like to sleep with our verandah doors open at night, and that wasn't advisable in a ground floor room.

    The rooms do need a renovation, and I've always said I wish they had more drawer space. The bathrooms are getting worn out. But they are in the process of updating the rooms, and they have done some updates (like flat screen TVs). But the maid service is wonderful and the rooms are certainly clean. I've posted a few photos; one is a view from our first floor room and the other is the interior of a second floor room. Name:  CSA Feb 12.jpg
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    Nice view!

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    Been to CSA twice and both times had the BFVS and loved it. Wouldn't want to stay in any other room. There is nothing like waking up early in the morning and walking off your porch and right onto the beach!!!

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    Our second floor bfvs view was somewhat obstructed by palms but we loved the view from our first floor as you can see from my pics from obove. Just steps to the sand and the Bamboo beach bar. How can you complain about that?

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    Will be in our BFVS in 15 days. This will be the 2nd time in this room type, ergo...
    WARNING: Once you stay in one of these you may not ever go back to a garden or atrium.
    (Please note: I / we loved the garden room our first visit, back in the day w/ no TV's - please no need for the atrium / garden lovers to get hurt feelings.).
    We had a first floor and it was great - super easy access to the room. There is a lot of beach traffic, which did not bother us a bit.
    CSA doesn't have the posh rooms like you'll find at some other destinations. It's more utilitarian in nature, the staff and the surroundings make up for it in large ways.
    ENJOY !

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    They're fabulous, only to be outdone by the BFS or Premier BFS! Don't worry - you'll love it!!

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    We stayed in them on our last trip and that is the standard for us now. Love the room and the location. The bathroom is pretty plain and could use some touchups but I dont go there for the bathroom. We had a 3rd floor corner room and it was better than anything by far. Had a huge window on the side and then balcony has the ocean view and the side view. This was the first time we had ever splurged for an "ocean Front" room and we now wish we had done this all along.

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