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    I have a question about the Love Away Layaway Plan. We want to book our 2014 trip but aren't positive about dates. If we book and buy the trip insurance can we change the dates without a problem? With my husbands work the dates could change. Want to book in advance and take advantage of the love away plan but need to be able to adjust the dates. I also know that it is subject to availability.

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    We always do love away...and recently changed our dates no problem. Only issue is, when you make a change, you are basically rebooking, so you would be paying whatever the current rate is. This would include losing resort credits, unless of course they are currently offering it as well.

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    You can cancel your reservation up until 46 days before you leave, so yes, you can change dates. But, if you do a special where you get resort credits, then if you cancel that reservation you would lose that perk unless the promotion was still going on.

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    I'm pretty sure that it you will pay the current rate at the time of your booking. Love away plan doesn't protect your price if you change your dates.
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    We had scheduled a Sat-Sat trip in January. Due to the cost of flights, I changed our reservation to a Wed-Wed. ther was no change in our cost, even though the special we book under was no longer available. Just email and ask for.

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    If you change dates, you have to pay the current rate. We ended up having to add a day to our trip due toflight Isues, and paid the current rate offered, not the rate for the time period we booked our love away plan. If you don't have dates yet I would wait to book until you know for sure.

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    And this is why hubby and I wait but we also don't do the love away plan either (we pay the deposit and then the remainder 45 days prior to our trip). I wait until we know for sure when we can go (but still get the insurance just in case something major happens right before our trip).

    I'm afraid if we booked so early in advance, I know we would have to probably change it anyways due to my hubby's job and then lose the perks and have to pay the going rate anyways. Easier for us to just book when we know we can go and hope/cross fingers that there is another deal around that time.
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