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    Default After 7 years, going back to CN for 2nd Time & Diver Question

    Yahoo! Just booked our 2nd visit to Couples Negril for March 23rd, 2014. We travelled to this wonderful resort in December 2006. Since then we have travelled to many other places and have been comparing other resorts to CN ever since. Since the birth of our son in 2011, we now feel comfortable to leave our LO with Grandma/Grandpa and take a much needed vacation with just the two of us.

    During our December 2006 stay, we bit the bullet and did the full PADI certification while on vacation - so in a way CN has continued to provide us with a plethora of memories through our diver certification. Which leads me to my will be almost 2 years since my last dive and my husband will be 11 months since last dive at time of travel to CN next March. What type of diver orientation can we expect upon arrival at CN? Is it recommended to save valuable vacation time and do a pool refresher at home to qualify for dives upon immediate arrival at CN? Or will the CN dive team make you do a pool refresher anyway?

    Reason I ask is that during our stay at another resort in March 2011, the "done-at-home" pool refresher course saved us several hours of vacation time and allowed us to just attend a brief 30 minute orientation and that was it. Just wondering what CN's dive orientation is like for certified PADI Open Water Divers.


    **Soo can't wait to float on those beach/pool chair floating mats! Yet to see that perk replicated at any other resort **


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    Lisa: You are going to love your 2nd visit to CN. We leave next Saturday for our 3rd trip and can't wait.

    I would think you would need a refresher but you can e-mail Karl at and ask. Also...if you are over 50 (like us) we complete the PADI medical form for every trip and get it signed off by our own doctor. I heard of a guy who said "yes" to taking medications as he was taking something for Athlete's foot and they made him pay $50 US to have a Jamaican doctor come and check him out.

    Better to do this all at home before you arrive.
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    Thank you Betty. I will send an email to get the latest. Enjoy your 3rd visit!!

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    I skipped diving in 2006 and 2008 due to pregancies (DH dove though). I think we were at CSS each time the next year and I was not required to due a check out before diving. It had been about 24 months each time but that may be at the discretion of the dive shop and the dive master. I do think the scuba skills update is about $50 and should not take more than an hour or two.


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    You will have to pay $50 to do the refresher in Jamaica. It should't take long but if you can do it at home and get a log signed I would.

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