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    Default Future Trip but which Couples Resort?

    Recently my wife and I spent a week at Couples Tower Isle and had the time of our lives. We loved it so much that many of our family members want to visit Couples also. Thus, we are planning a "family retreat" for next year to Jamaica but do not know which resort to choose.

    Here is the dilemma, the matriarch of the family (early 80s) has trouble sleeping in a regular bed and does much better on a couch, recliner or reclining beach chair. The pictures of the suites at Couples Sans Souci show a regular couch in the room as well as a reclining beach chair on the patio/balcony which could be brought into the room at night. Unfortunately, the same person has a problem with stairs and Sans Souci has a reputation as loaded with staircases. She is able to maneuver a small set of steps but continually having to navigate staircases all day is not going to result in a pleasant experience (she is not in a wheelchair or mobility unit but sometimes utilizes a walker).

    Is it possible to get a room with "easy" access to the beach and dining at Sans Souci and minimize stairs or is this wishful thinking? Should we be looking at other Couples venues? If so, which? Please remember the above mentioned sleeping needs articulated above.

    Any advice and guidance would be greatly appreciated. We are planning this trip for April 2020. Thanks for your time and efforts.


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    I believe that you are talking about the lounge chairs which are not available in every room. We have stayed in A block, B block (Beachfront suites), F block and G block and have only seen the loungers in F & G. They may be available in D block too, but we have never stayed there. D, E, F, and G are all on varying levels as you climb the hill. It is possible that management can arrange one of those loungers for your room, but not sure.

    Beachfront Suites have easy access to everything on the beach level...beach grill (Bella Vista restaurant at night), main pool, beach bar and Palazinna restaurant. If you need to access the upper areas of the resort or vice versa, you can call concierge and they will send a car for you. The "reputation" of loaded with staircases is true. Sans Souci is quite spread out. 150 guest suites located on nearly 40 acres with a pond, waterfalls, hidden hot tub and hidden hammocks. There are 2 nights each week when a large dinner and entertainment is on the main lawn in front of B block. I caution someone with mobility issues that the lawn is not completely level...I often have walking issues during these 2 dinners in the could be the darkness or it could be the cocktails served all day....not completely sure, LOL! There are also 2 beaches. The main beach is textile only with topless allowed. Sunset Beach is also on the property, but it is a nude beach with complete nudity required. At the sunset hour, 5 or 6 depending on the season, it becomes clothing optional with other guests allowed to see the sunset.

    We have never stayed at a Couples resort in Negril, but have stayed multiple times at Sans Souci and Tower Isle. I was impressed with the ease of access at Tower Isle, but absolutely love Sans Souci. You get a mix of jungle feel and beach feel, but there are a lot of stairs.
    Gene and Jeanne
    CSS October 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017
    CSS/CTI October 2018

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    We went to Couples Sans Souci June 2018 and loved it. The different levels of the resort make it an adventure. You would miss quite a bit by not being able to use stairs. There is an elevator from beach to the spa area level. I read that one time it wasn’t working, so no guarantee. You can ask for transportation up the little road also. You can stay in room at the beach level where you would have two restaurants. The “fancy” very good restaurant is up a few stairs up beside the lobby so the elderly in your group can ride up to there one night if you make reservations at that restaurant. The beach and water is not as nice as Couples Negril. The water in the bay at Couples Negril is warm, clear, and calm. CSS was a bit cloudy and not really a long walking beach. You can look at the Couples Negril map of buildings and restaurants and see how it is laid out. If you choose Couples Negril this time, you may want to try CSS on another trip because it’s very quiet, tropical, and romantic. We haven’t been to Swept Away or Couples Tower Isle so I’m sure others can tell of those. Enjoy your trip!

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    Oh, I replied, but sorry I didn’t have suggestion for sleeping position. Not sure how a person could sleep in a lounge chair as I didn’t think they have arms to those at the resorts. I know they would be happy to provide extra pillows. Perhaps, a wedge pillow would help. I ordered a wedge memory foam pillow for my Mom and it helps her breathe better sleeping half sitting in bed. It comes small and then “grows” after opening the package. You can have her try it in bed at home and use an electric travel power pump that reverses to suck all the air out to repack it in a packing bag for your trip. Then she can have pillows on each side and under knees in the bed. My Mom also uses one soft pillow on top of wedge due to shape of her back. Call guest services at Couples to make sure they have right kind of chair if you really want to try lounge chair. Couch in room we had at CSS was just a short loveseat size. Good luck - you’ll love CSS or CN.

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    We avoid the Sans Souci for the same reason. My wife has an issue with stairs and inclines. They say you can request a ride in a cart if needed, think golf cart. But we don't want to be dependent on a ride to get around the resort. You may want to use one of the other Couples for the same reason.

    All Couples rooms will have similar furnishings. Meaning no recliners in the rooms. The couches will all be similar at each resort. You may be able to request something ahead of time. Or just bring a reclining beach chair to your room. It may not hurt to speak with the maid so she doesn't take it from you.

    You are already familiar with Tower Isle. You could request a room in a building that has an elevator. We have stayed in the rooms above the pool bar. Only a few steps to get down to the beach

    You may want to avoid Swept Away. It is flat, but it is also large. It is about 1400 feet from one end of the resort to the other. No steps, but lots of walking.

    Coupled Negril could work. In the building where the main lobby is there are two floors. But close to the piano bar there is an elevator. You can request a room on the ground floor to avid some steps.

    In your situation I recommend all people in your party sign up for the Couples Romance Rewards program. After signing up you can use their pre check-in link. Before you can pre check-in you must have your trip booked and have your travel itinerary as you will need this to complete the process. As part of the pre check-in you can make special requests. This is where this is where they can make special requests. Ask for a ground floor room. Explain why it is needed. If there is a room open in your class they will give it to you.

    A couple of other perks with the Romance Rewards pre check-in. There are forms that need to filled out at the front desk when you arrive. Mostly your return trip flight information. Most of these forms will already be filled out and all you need to do is verify the information, sign the form, and give them a credit card number. Another perk is you can make your requests for your mini bar. The bar won't be stocked until after you arrive as they won't know which room until after you check in.

    One last suggestion. On top of each page on this message board there is a link called Contact. On the main Couples website this link is at the bottom of the page. You could call the resort directly and get more information directly from the source.

    Enjoy your stay in paradise
    Jack and Kathy
    CSA 2007, 2010, and 2016. CTI 2012, 2014. CN 2016 (Trading Places only), 2018, 2020. 2023?

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    This one is a bit tricky.

    At css you would have a few options - it would depend on if she can do any stairs at all or if getting a good night sleep is more important

    1> stay in the ocean verandas in F or G block - which have the loungers you mention, then she could use the van to get up/ down to the lower level - but - they have tub/shower combos - which might not be easy for her

    2> stay in C block - which has a sun room instead of a balcony and (I believe) have a couch - C block is one stairway from the lower level but just a few steps to get on the van

    3> The best rooms to avoid all stairs are in A/B block - call the resort and see if they can do anything for her as I don't think there are any with couches or the loungers you're seeking

    But give them a call/ email - they may have other suggestions

    Swept away might be more appropriate as I think their suites have couches and many lower level rooms & everything is on the same lower level with no hills

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    Having stayed at all 4 Couples Resorts I cant think of one which will suit the sleeping needs of your family member. The rooms at CSS you have seen with a large reclining lounger on the balcony are the One Bedroom Ocean Suites in Blocks E, F and G which are up on the hill and so not suitable for someone who has difficulty with stairs. A ground floor room in Block A or B would be best (Beachfront Suites) and she could then easily access the beach, main pool, Palazzina and the Beach Restaurant. A buggy could be called to help her up to Casanova. However, Couples would have to arrange to bring down one the loungers from Blocks E, F or G. The sofas that are in the sitting area of the suites are to small to sleep on (I am only 5ft 2in and could not do it). I think you should phone Couples direct and put your problem to them.

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    Mad Jack,
    If you need a ride while on the resort at CSS, it is not a golf is a van..very comfortable.
    Gene and Jeanne
    CSS October 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017
    CSS/CTI October 2018

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