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    Default What's Your Longest Stay at a Couples Resort?

    My wife and I will be at Couples Negril in November for 10 glorious days.

    While we have done cruises for 10 days this is our first time spending this much time at an All Inclusive Resort. I must say though I'm not too "worried" about it lol.

    We did find in the past that our All Inclusive vacations while only 7 days, seemed to last just as long as our longer 10 day cruises.

    How about you all ... what's your longest stay at a Couples Resort?! =D

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    Css - 24 days.

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    We'll be staying 15 days at CSS this year! We usually stay 10-12 days.
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    3 1/2 weeks at CTI. ONCE! Much too long. We usually go for 10 to 12 nights.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jgsaks View Post
    3 1/2 weeks at CTI. ONCE! Much too long. We usually go for 10 to 12 nights.
    WOW 3 1/2 weeks?!

    My longest trip was a 10 day cruise followed by 3 days in Ft. Lauderdale and I felt like it was an eternity away. I can't imagine how 25 - 26 days would feel!

    Wife and I started off doing 7 day All Inclusives then we moved on to 9 - 10 day Cruises. We had always found on our 7 day trips it never felt long enough ... just starting to relax and WHAM time to go home. 9 - 10 days I've always felt is "just right" in terms of really unwinding.

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    We started with 7 days, after a few times we tried 10 days then did 14 days. Now we're back to 10 days liver couldn't take the punishment of all the drinks. We drank Coke for the last 2 days. LOL

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunner262 View Post
    We started with 7 days, after a few times we tried 10 days then did 14 days. Now we're back to 10 days liver couldn't take the punishment of all the drinks. We drank Coke for the last 2 days. LOL
    I had to laugh when I read this. We did 11 days at CN celebrating our 25th and did the same thing our last 2 days. We settle for 9 days now and that works out good for us. Too much good food & drink and no will power! lol

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    Our average stay is 14 nights. The longest was 17, but you get tired of eating all of the food.

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    Our longest stay was 14 days. However, we usually stay 10-12 days. And that seems to be about right. By about the 9-10 day, thoughts of "reality" begin to creep into our heads. But we don't mind because our stay was everything that we wanted it to be. We may be reluctant to leave, but we leave fully satisfied and rested.

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    Only 9 days at CN is our longest stay but wish it were twice that. Don't think we'd have a problem with boredom of the routine there or the food. Some day when we don't have cat children to worry about, we're going to do it & find out.

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    We normally stay 14 nights but in 2004 we stayed for 18 due to Hurricane Ivan!

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    In February we will make our 4th trip to a Couples resort. We stayed at CSA twice. Once for 10 days and once for 7 days. Our upcoming trip will be our second time to CTI. Both of these trips are for 10 days.

    A week in paradise seems just a little too short. For us, 10 days seems just right. Unfortunately, we need to go back to reality after 10 days so that we can start saving up for the return trip.

    Only 126 more days until paradise.

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    9 nights at CSA - and STILL not enough. Would love to try the 14 - I'll bet this would be just about perfect!!

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    7 nights at CSS then transferring to CSA for 14 nights...unfortunately followed by a more than 48 hour nightmare journey home which took the shine off it ( thanks for nothing Virgin)

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    Our first stay was 7. After that I asked my wife "you know how you get to the end and wish for just one more day?"

    We now always book 8 days...and I always really love that last full day. Leaving is never easy, but the extra day helps. (It also helps that we always have our return trip booked before we leave)

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    We started with 6 nights - but usually ended up adding a day or two until we settled in at 10 nights - which feels right.

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    We've done 14 days at CSA it was a bit to much at one resort. So now we do 4 days at CSS then transfer to CSA for 10 day, it just about right for us.

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    14 days for our weddingmoon, 11 days 2011 trip, 12 days this trip!!

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    I find that 8 days is just about perfect. Not too long but not too short. Even though we have a lot of fun, I miss my home and I miss my "babies".

    The longest trip I've ever been on is 14 days. But that wasn't to Couples or JA. It was to England (where my hubby is from) for a family visit and his brothers wedding.
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    15 and loved everyone one of them. I could have left after day 13, but was ok with two more. This year is 10 days. Just about perfect

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    First trip was 8, second was 9, this will be our third to CSS and it's for 10 days.

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    Our cruises have been 9 and 10 days respectively and we really found that to be the "perfect" length of time ... not too long not too short. It usually takes us 3 or 4 days to really unwind so the extra days is really appreciated.

    With AI's though we always found like a week felt longer than a week on a cruise ship ... maybe it's from being out in the sun, water and sand all day long.

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    Eight days at CTI... Still seemed too short...

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    My hubby and I stayed 2 weeks this past March (CSS) and if it wasn't for our canine children (one who is getting on in years) and having to go back to work, I easily could have stayed at least another week. It would be heaven on earth to have the opportunity to stay at Couples for 3 or 4 weeks!!!!!

    Maybe someday!!!

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    Our next trip, in 43 days, will be our longest of 13 nights. 6 at Swept Away and 7 at Negril. Prior to that our longest had been 9 nights at Negril. I thought the 9 nights was about right.

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