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    To echo what some others have said, 10 was perfect. That was our longest for our 10th Anniversary, and while not ever quite ready to leave, that was the sweet spot. It always takes us a couple days to decompress, and that eats into a couple days. We have done 7 every other time, and it seems a bit too soon to leave.
    We settled on 10 or 11 for many years - and agree - it's a sweet spot that is much better than 7 as it seems like you're just starting to really, really relax when it's time to go.

    In recent years we added a couple of extra days for split stays, trading places days, and excursions like Keith's Bamboo Crew.

    Combine that with free night offers...

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    Piperman, it will be great to see you and Mrs Piperman again!!
    Safe travels everyone!
    Gene and Jeanne
    CSS October 2012, 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017
    CSS/CTI October 2018

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    Good to see that you guys are going to be coming back.

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    1st -6; 2nd-8; 3rd-10; 4th-hoping even longer!

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    First trip 8 days at CSA for our 25th anniversary. We were so wound up from not taking an alone vacation in so many years it felt great. Next two trips were 9 days. Our last one was 10 days and that seemed about right. We also bit the bullet and took a 5am flight to Atlanta so it got us to CN before noon and we didn't feel like we "lost" a day travelling.

    Since we still can't make up our mind between CSA and CN next trip (whenever that will be ...) will most likely be a CSA / CN split stay.

    Brad& Carla
    CSA 2102,2014,2015 CN 2017

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    Many years ago we started at 8, then 10, then 12, then 14, then 15 and now for the past three years it has been 22 days each year.

    We donít get tired of it because there is so much to do, love the staff and resort. We travel all over the island for day tripsthanks to Danny who takes us. Want Danny to take you places off Resort, ask for Danny at the front Desk at CTI. ONE LOVE!!

    We also belong to a nonprofit in Dallas who we help disadvantaged school children in Jamaica with breakfast and lunch programs.

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    We normally stay 14 nights splitting it between CN & CTI but go at least twice a year. This year we have 14 nights booked in June and 16 nights in October/November so this year we'll stay a total of 30 nights.
    Our hearts are saddened to read that Mr. Henry is not longer at CTI.

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    Our first stay was 10 days which was fine by me but my then boyfriend, now husband, said it was far too short. So we did a split stay with 7 days at CSS and 7 days at CTI for our honeymoon. Our next trip will be 14 days at CSS though, which is the longest time we've stayed at one place and I can't wait for it!

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    In my mind...I'm always there.
    Life is good

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    This past year we stayed 14 days at CSS for our 8th trip.

    I thought I might get bored or tired of the food but I was wrong - it still went by too fast and there's plenty of variety.

    We did mix things up a bit and skipped a buffet night and did a few things off resort.

    They were filming then too, so they closed SSB one day, but since we had plenty of days we just went with flow and took an impromptu trip off resort.

    I still didn't want to leave by the end, but these days the sad bus isn't so sad as I know we'll be coming back next year. (In years past, that wasn't always a guarantee - now we make our annual trip a priority)

    This year we added 1 more day just because schedules worked out just right - considered a split stay but there's something about planting yourself somewhere for 2 weeks with no plans and no cares that really appeals to me.

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