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    Shortest stay has been 4 nights, and our longest stay will be this December for 9 nights!

    Tammie & Mike
    CSS Mar'12/CSA Nov '12/CSA Dec '13/CSA Feb '15

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    7 is not enough 10 was perfect

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    Quote Originally Posted by trhops View Post
    Shortest stay has been 4 nights, and our longest stay will be this December for 9 nights!
    You are going to love the 9 nights! Believe me you get soooo relaxed.

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    ten days for my body, six years for my heart!

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    We are looking forward to our 9th trip in January. The longest we've stayed was 10 nights and shortest 5 nights. We now land on 7 nights as the perfect amount for us. It allows us to cycle a full week of activities and menus while getting geared up for the trip home. It helps that we are preparing for the return trip before we leave!!

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    We have stayed for 3 weeks several times at CTI and will have 3 weeks atCB
    As we are retired and travelling from the UK seems to make sense.

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    We've done 4, 5, 7 and 9. For us 9 was too long, we started to miss our daughter. 4 and 5 weren't enough so now we're back to 7 in just 6 short days!!!

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    Wrapped up 9 days at the end of Sept. this year. It was awesome, I could have easily gone for a few more before getting the heebie jeebies to head back home.
    We would like to try and suffer through 14 days at CSA soon.

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    In February we will make our 4th trip to a Couples resort. We stayed at CSA twice. Once for 10 days and once for 7 days. Our upcoming trip will be our second time to CTI. Both of these trips are for 10 days.

    A week in paradise seems just a little too short. For us, 10 days seems just right. Unfortunately, we need to go back to reality after 10 days so that we can start saving up for the return trip.

    Only 126 more days until paradise.

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    We just returned from 9 days at CSA, our standard. However, we met a couple who were just starting a 50 day vacation at CSA! And last year they stayed 49 days.
    Ricky Ginsburg
    On the web, always open

    Boca Raton, Florida
    (just a 75 minute plane flight from paradise)

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    Never thought to stay more than 6-8 nights actually. Our longest trip was 20 days to Peru-Ecuador with the kids a few years ago.

    We take 3-4 weeks vacation each year and basically we split it between skiing, beach, and touring abroad. I recognize there is no "right or wrong" way to spend time off. I have never been to same resort twice. This will be our 4th trip to Jamaica and the first in over 10 years. This speaks to how fond we are to the inclusive concept, the island, and the resort based on reviews. I'd say the biggest factor to why I choose CSA is I can play tennis every day!

    I'd never say never to repeat. We were at CN once and we had a great time so in a way this is our first near "repeat" experience.

    Longest stay We 7 nites at "Beaches Negril" with the kids and we had a blast.

    14-20 days off I'd have to go somewhere in Asia or go back to Australia. My only continent I have yet to set foot on is Antarctica and time is running out! Either health or the things melts before I get there!

    Some great resorts in the south pacific!

    Strange year, we have not taken anytime off than long weekends and if anyone ever sold a business knows just how much time has to go into it. Especially when nobody in the company can know. We off in about 30 days and we only just booked it two weeks ago. Im glad they had room for us!

    Two weeks on the resort??? Hmmm, going to have think about that one while I am there!

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    Staying 15 days in December....just about right...remember the first and last day are strickly travel time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fawnridge View Post
    We just returned from 9 days at CSA, our standard. However, we met a couple who were just starting a 50 day vacation at CSA! And last year they stayed 49 days.
    Holy crap 50 days!?!

    That's like almost 2 months. While at the resort they probably frequent a message board dedicated to "normal" life. "Only 30 more days until I return back to Connecticut and start making my own dinners and cleaning my own room!" haha


    Only 35 more days until my trip. I literally stare at the calendar dreaming of tropical breezes. I hear up here in Toronto we are supposed to get hammered with snow in November too. It's been a warm October, apparently we are going to pay dearly for it!

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    50 days?

    My arteries and liver would fail!

    Before I be critical of it, I'd like to do a full review and experience it myself although I'd seriously prefer to rent a villa in Santorini for a month a perhaps another month somewhere else if I could take that time. My retirement plan is to spend 3-4 months a year renting abroad and immersing a month at a time.

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    We do 9 nights, twice a year, and it's perfect.... Always CSA. Met a couple last week who stay 50 days!! I cannot imagine.

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    We usually stay 21 nights--23 was the longest. We are never bored and it's nice seeing all the December repeaters.

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    7 days = not long enough

    IMO a 10 day vacation is perfect!

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