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    Default CSA july 2013 questions!!!

    Just booked are 2nd trip back!! We were there in june of 2012 an absolutely loved it had are 10 yr anniversary!! Just a few questions been reading alot of bad reviews about CSA on trip advisor figured just disgruntled people cause how could you not enjoy yourself at CSA! I signed up for romance rewards so i can use my returning perks! Is it Easy? Heard they started some room renovations? An we stayed in the beachfront veranda suite last time but this time we wanted a little more privacy an a hammock on the balcony so we chose a atrium suite on the second floor! I wont be let down will I? Thanks!!

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    How did you choose a 2nd floor? I thought rooms were suggested and assigned at check-in.

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    Returning perks for Romance Rewards are easy. Typically, any necessary certificates for your perks will be given to you in a packet when you check in. Just be sure you know what you have earned in case it's not all prepared correctly. You can ask for it to be cleared up right then and there. Sign up for other perks as soon as you decide you want to do it (i.e. Repeater's Dinner, Trading Places, etc.).

    Can't comment on renovations.

    You will not know if you have a second floor room until you get there. Room requests are not accepted in advance. All you know for certain is that you will have an Atrium Room. That being said, ask for second floor when you check in and the staff will do all they can to accomodate you. If it is that important to you, let them know you are willing to wait for it if necessary.

    Enjoy your stay.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    No guarantees you'll get a second floor room. As far as rr, you'll get vouchers for any other rewards like resort credits, just turn them back in when you check out. Have a great trip!

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    You'll LOVE the Atrium, whether you're on the first or second floor!! We've stayed in what are now the Premier Beachfront rooms, and while these rooms are totally awesome, we really liked the Atriums, and would definitely book that room category the next time we're able to visit CSA! Just one note for you regarding the 2nd floor Atrium room (and I only mention this because there was a LONG (and funny) thread on TripAdvisor about this quite a while ago) - the bathroom walls do not go all the way up to the (vaulted) ceiling. Not a problem for us, but the originator of the post on TA really had an issue....

    Other than that, we find the Atrium rooms to be private, quiet and romantic (and just FYI, for even more privacy on your balcony, you'll see sailcloth shades that you can roll down to block out the afternoon sun, etc.)

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