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    Default Toiletries at CTI in 2013?

    Hi, we're going for the first time to CTI in 32 days!!! I have seen old post about what toiletries are offered in the rooms each day and what you can get at the gift shop but were looking for an update

    What toiletries come in the room with room service?

    What types of toiletries are available in the gift shop? (Are there still two gift shops?)

    Do they still give you Couples water bottles?

    Any and all info is appreciated, I just love reading all info about CTI!!! We're soooooo excited to spend our honeymoom at CTI :D

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    We will be at CTI the same time The shampoo and conditioner come in a big dispenser in the shower as well as liquid soap. This time around I will be bringing conditioner. I can't remember 100% on the rest since its been 2 years but I think they had lotion in the rooms.

    There is now just 1 gift shop - the logo shop is closed and going to be turned into a night club.

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    Shampoo, lotion, hand soap, and shower gel are provided in room

    Water bottles are still there

    Most toiletries you need are available in the gift shop but it will cost you quite the up charge.

    We only travel with carry on luggage and all of my liquids fit in our quart sized bags with the exception of sunscreen. I think we pay 16-18$ for a bottle but 1 bottle plus my two 3oz containers of sunscreen did the trick.

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    I like to take my own conditioner as the combo doesn't do it for my hair after diving and swimming. the products are good though.

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    Thanks SOOO much! We're only bringing carry-ons so I'm trying to plan what to pack~

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    Quote Originally Posted by paine2ad View Post
    Thanks SOOO much! We're only bringing carry-ons so I'm trying to plan what to pack~
    Being your just taking a carry-on I want to remine you that if you go to 8 Rivers men need closed toe shoes and long pants.Women wear nice dresses.

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    Ok thanks, we definitely have some nicer stuff packed too :-)

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