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    Default Heading to CSA for our Honeymoon 9/16-9/25

    We booked earlier in the year for 10 days 9 nights at CSA! We are getting married Saturday 9/14, taking a day to relax and get final preperations together and leave Pittsburgh at 6am on Monday morning.

    I have been to Negril before (about 15 years ago when I was 13), she has never been out of the country before, to say we are excited is an understatement. Her bridesmaids bought us a waterproof digital camera to bring along.

    Currently I am doing research into what we need to bring as far as dress clothes to be able to eat at the various places. I see we need lots of sunscreen and some bug spray with DEET is suggested. These boards have been a great resource for planning things to do and see!


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    Congrats Matt, you will have an awesome time I am positive. Our weddingmoon was the best week of our lives so far. If you'd like a few pics of csa, email me at

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    Congrats Matt! You've chosen a terrific resort for your honeymoon!!! An additional word of advice - when you arrive at the resort, breathe in and out a few times and allow sand gravity and the wonders of Couples hospitality to take their natural course....Enjoy!!

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    Congrats!!! We will be arriving the 18th to celebrate our honeymoon as well! We live in Ohio and will be there Wednesday to Wednesday. I copied and saved on my iPad a post from someone else on one of the message boards about what to pack. It sounds like good advice, except we are bringing a lot more clothes than their post suggested. You can get a good idea of what type of clothes to pack from looking on the website at the dress codes for each restaurant, too. Hope to run into you guys while we are down there. We are staying in a beachfront verandah suite. But anyway, here is the post I saved:

    "We have only been to CTI, and are returning this year. I have noticed on this thread, that packing lists are different depending on which resort you go to, and how active you plan to be with excursions. My husband and I checked out alot of the excursions our first trip, and agree that we just want to chill and relax this time. That being said, this is our list for our 7 day trip to CTI, this July.

    Vacation Packing List

    * Ginger chews
    Alcohol swabs with benzocaine.
    OTC drugs, pack in plastic bags.
    Emergen-C packets
    Hydrocortisone cream.
    Skintastic bug spray
    Sunscreen and lots of it
    Lip balm with sunscreen.

    Conditioner for your hair.

    *. Bifocal glasses
    *. Reading glasses
    *. Small lense cleaning kit.
    Eyeglass repair kit.
    *. Extra contact lenses (wearing older ones on the flight)
    *. Contact solution and lens case

    Pocket sized wet wipes
    Small packets of cleaning wipes. Woolite, Shout etc.

    * plastic shoe holder to be placed on bathroom door for sundries
    Ziplock bags various sizes for packing and keeping things dry.
    Extra hangers if you need more than 10.
    Beer Koozies, hard plastic cups fit well and stay cold.
    Our hot/cold mugs
    3M adhesive hooks for room.
    Plastic hangers with attached clothespin.

    Beach bag, for your things while on the beach or at pool. Can also use as a carry on.
    Pens in your carryon
    Old watch for your beach bag for excursions and stuff.
    Flash light for late night walks.
    night light.

    Book(s). And/or load Nook books on IPad
    IPOD and charger. (WITH Reggae music.)
    Noise cancelling headphones for flight.
    Dice cup with dice for playing bar dice., and cards
    Power strip.
    Extension cord.. For sleep apnea machine

    Small bills for tips outside the resort.
    Photocopy passports, place in both pieces of luggage..

    A downloaded movie on your IPhone.

    Bags for dirty clothes.

    For resort employees and their children.Chocolate.School supplies, bags with holes punched and ribbon with sharpie, card inside describing items and employees name.

    *. Gatorade powder ( in case of stomach issues)
    . Solo cups for room mini bar
    . Bottle opener

    ><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><>< >< ><><>
    For her;
    3-sundresses and 1-maxi for evening
    Flat or low healed metallic sandles for evening
    2-nice shorts with tops

    For him;
    2- nice shorts with nice collared shirts for evening
    1- linen pants
    Woven slip on shoes for evening

    Several swim suits.
    Cover ups and flip flops


    Shoes & Sandles are broken in.
    ??Water shoes or socks for excursions.??

    Yes, this seems detailed for those of us used to packing. . Just thought this might help any newcomers.
    Becky and Bud, VA, USA
    CTI 6/30 - 7/5/2011
    CTI 7/2 - 7/10/2013
    CTI 7/1 - 7/10/2014"


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    Congrats to sk360 and Victoria and Daniel!! We to will be there on our honeymoon starting Sept 15.

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    Thanks guys!!! Thank you victoria&daniel for the post, That helps a lot as we are in the packing phase.

    -Matt & Tahishia

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    One of the smartest things we started doing was packing our shirts, pants, shorts, dresses on hangars. We can literally unpack and store in 10 minutes. The only place at CSA where the guy needs long pants is Feathers. I always wear each pair of shorts and pants twice and most of the shirts the same

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    Thank you dilmo1! Congratulations to you, too! Hopefully we all run into each other at one point or another. We are in total packing mode even though we still have two weeks HAHA! Are any of you planning to go deep sea fishing while you are down there? ❤❤❤


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    Leave your hangers at home and just ask for extras when you check in! Leaves more too. On the way home for fun things you can buy! Congratulations! We were married this past 4/20 at CSA and go twice a year for 9 nights.

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    Congrats!! Our wedding is the same day as yours But we will be at CN Sept 16 - 23. We are doing the One Love Bus tour on Wednesday, the 18th.. I think they also pick up people from CSA so you guys should join! Look it up on Trip Advisor.. it looks like a blast!

    12 days!!!

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    We are not planning on deep sea fishing. We are doing the One Love Pub Crawl on Sept 18th.

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    Default One Love Pub Crawl

    Quote Originally Posted by dilmo1 View Post
    We are doing the One Love Pub Crawl on Sept 18th.
    We will be there ( at CSA ) Sept 17th - 22nd. The pub crawl sounds great and we will try to make the Wednesday trip as well. - chuck -

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    We talked about doing the One Love Pub Crawl on the 18th, but we would literally be checking in, dumping our things off in the room, and hopping on the bus. That may be too difficult for us. �� I'm sure you will have a blast though! I have read really great things about it. ❤❤❤


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    We are doing the One Love Pub Crawl on the 18th, as well. We are pretty excited! We arrive at CSA this Saturday!!!
    Erin & Patrick

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    Thanks everyone!

    We have 5 bottles of SPF 50 full spectrum sunscreen, 3 bottles of Off Deep Woods, 1 Bottle of Cactus Juice Sun & Skin, 1 Bottle of Cactus Juice Miracle Gel, Aloe, Advil, Imodium AD, Tums, Cortizone cream, Benadryl, Wet naps, Shout wipes. I think we are ready to tackle this! lol

    Next week at this time we will be sitting in JFK waiting for our connecting flight to MBJ!

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    We are back! What an amazing 10 days. Can't say enough good about the resort and staff. Will write a review once things settle down.

    Have to say our biggest let down was feathers. We went for lobster night and got the worst service we had the entire trip. My wife tried to get a lemon wedge for her lobster and it seemed to be the hardest request in the world and she never got it, ended up finishing her meal before the waiter ever returned (without lemon). This was after waiting 15 minutes to order. We ended up skipping desert and going back to the room.

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