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    Default Who's been in November?

    We're thinking about going back to CTI in November. Went for the first time in March of this year and loved it. We were going to go again next year but can't wait
    Who has been in November? One website I read said that November could be rainy or windy. We won't have as much time as we had in March so we're worried about being able to get to the Island enough. Should we consider another resort so we don't have to worry about the boat? We want our A/N time!

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    I would suggest trying CSS and their AN area. It never closes due to weather.
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    We were at CSS at the end of November. Rained once at night and that was all. Little or no wind. Weather was beautiful. That was about 2 years ago.

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    We were at cti last November and the march before that. November was warmer and calmer, except the last day and a half. We spent

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    plenty of time on the island. It was so lovely-I wish I could spend every thanksgiving there.
    Sorry this got cut off into two separate posts. Silly IPhone.
    Water was much warmer

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    Thanks for the input everybody! So maybe the "rainy season" isn't as bad as I'm imagining it?

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    We been twice in November once in October three Times in Jan . November is the best for us we will be ther November 4th thru the 13 cant wait we are both 55 and spend most of our time at SSB rain or shine hopping this will be the best trip ever

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    We always go in November. Only had rain once (at night) when a late season hurricane skirted by to the north.

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    You can never tell about the weather. I have been to Jamaica twice in Nov and never a problem. Went May 2012 it rained everyday. May 2013 rained once in 10 days. All you can do is make the best of it.

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    We go to Jamaica twice a year, Late April-Early May, and then second half of November-Early December. We have only had rain one time during the day time, maybe once or twice at night - no problem. Our preference is CSS/Sunset Beach. Rain or shine, it's all good.

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    We're two timers as well. April and November. There have been some days of our November trips that were wetter than others. But overall, November isn't bad. Our resort of choice is CTI. We'll be there on the 14. I'll try to give some weather updates. That will only be if it rains.

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