My husband and I have been to Couples four times. Three at CSA and one at CTI. We definitely prefer the Negril side of the island more so don't intend to head back to Ochi. I truly love Jamaica and CSA and miss it when I'm home, but last time we went, I felt like the thrill was gone. While everything was just as lovely as it ever was, it was all the same. Same food, same activities, same events, etc. Maybe that's to be expected and there is some comfort in the "same" but I was wondering how any of those repeaters out there (the ones who have been to Couples dozens upon dozens of times) keep things interesting. Do you take excursions? Try new things? Meet new people? What's the key to keeping the thrill alive? I miss that feeling and really want to have it again the next time we go! I've already booked trip #5 for April 2014.