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    Default Any schools near CN?

    We are going to cn for the first time in september, for our honeymoon. We want to bring some school supplies to a local school.Are there any near that we can take them to?

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    Do a google search for Saint Anthony's Kitchen. It's a friars group that feeds the kids before school, takes kids to school, pays for a lot of kids school needs, and very importantly outfits a large number of kids at the beginning of the school year. For the life of me, I cannot remember which church they are affiliated with...and it's right there. Friar Jim runs the place, and he is pretty awesome. You'll find his postings fairly easily on the net, and anything you donate goes straight to the kids who are most needy. Not a school, but I am not the type to go invade a school while on vacation...

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    I do not know about the location of the the nearest school but we brought school supplies and clothing the last time we went to CN (3 years ago). We gave it to General Manger at CN and she took the entire suit case to a local village and distributed them. She returned the suitcase to us a few days later. We did not ask about going with her but it would have been fun to see the kids faces when they got the school supplies. Just an idea but I was talking to people that I work with and told them what I was doing and they brought in supplies for me to deliver. It made a big difference in the amount we were able to give to the kids. We will be at CSA 9/9-9/18 when and where are you staying?

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    I don't know of schools close by but Carian (Carrie Ann) Ottey would be a great person to donate to. She is part of the entertainment staff and has her own foundation to help out the children in her town. After her father died she said her village really stepped in and helped raise her and this is her way of giving back. She is in her early twenties and has been volunteering in some capacity since she was very young. Right now she is a trainee with couples and hopes to get hired on but she takes three months of the year off to coordinate all the details of back to school and such with the foundation so she is unsure if she will be hired full time. She was awesome to talk with and went out of her way to speak with us every day and even had chocolates brought to us on our anniversary. I hope she is hired in some capacity because she would be an excellent asset to couples.
    Facebook: friends by friends youth foundation

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    thanks for the info everyone!! we will be at couples negril sept 17 - 21!!

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    The first year we brought school donations we asked if we could visit the school, and the CN staff graciously took us to Kendal Primary School. We visit Kendal every time we go to Negril, and have been probably 10 times. The school is in the hills above Green Island, it takes about a half hour to get there from CN. Mrs. Baugh is the principal and if you are interested I will share her email.

    The experience of visiting the school really brings home how helpful it can be to contribute. The public schools in Jamaica do not have a lot of resources, and you can help make a difference to the teachers and students.

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    I donated to the Negril public library which is attached to a school.

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    That would be great, I will email her to see what items are mostly needed! Thanks

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    I am also interested in donating. I will be back at couples Negril in June 2014. Can you email me Mrs. Baughs info? Thanks,

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