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    fawnridge and crabracer I think are pretty correct as far as we are concerned, it is not a vacation, it is going to our second home except much better. Vacations we go to Vegas, Europe, South America or somwhere else in the USA, but those have all the worries of what to do when to do it and cram as much in as we can. Not Couples, it is home where nothing matters except our time together and the friends we have made over the years.

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    After 78 trips to Couples, mostly to CTI, we can't wait to go home to Jamaica. The thrill has always been the resorts, but the real pleasure has been going out into the country to explore the real Jamaica. We have driven all over the country and have been exposed to Jamaica, the Country. We have been to private parties in homes, funerals and weddings. The best part about our experiences has always been going back to a Couples Resort where we really knew we were home.

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    LOVE this thread! Fawnridge - you really spoke the truth - we're now living away from the US, and while we've explored many beautiful and interesting places / beach resorts in our new home, we very much miss CSA and the special brand of relaxation and peace it brings to us....

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    Being relatively new to Couples, I can certainly see why people keep going year after year and how the glean of a place may fade. Maybe, as some have suggested, a change in scenery may be needed. If you're getting tired of the same old same old, then try a different resort or different island.
    For us, our annual trip, is our time. We both work hard, and life here in the big city is very hectic. My wife works at a hospital in the cancer centre. I am a very busy general contractor. 12-14 hour days, 6 days a week is not unusual. We have 5 kids, one grandson, and a huge family.
    We find that most of the time that there is no down time for us. There is always work, kids, friends, events, and so on. Having a place like Couples to visit has really been a Godsend. It is a place where we can have "our" time. A place to relax, to renew our relationship, our love, and be happy.
    Couples to us is really a safe haven from all the chaos. We do enough in reality already, so being able to go somewhere to do nothing is really paradise for us. Having lots of things available to do there is great, but for me, the hardest thing I want to do on vacation is get up.
    Arriving at San Souci is like a breath of fresh air!!! How can that get tired and old??? We are greeted with smiles, from familiar faces who know our names, who take care of us while away. I guess we prefer the familiar. Like a comfortable pair of shoes, we are content there. Happy there.
    Looking forward to our annual hiatus helps keep our love of the place, but my biggest fear of trying something else, another island, another resort, is that we would keep comparing to our second "home", and our hard earned dollars would then be a waste.
    We ventured out last year on a cruise, and found ourselves sitting on our balcony wishing we were at San Souci, but we have never been at San Souci wishing we were somewhere else.
    29 days and counting. Bring on September 28th... It's been a long year for us both.....

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    After two trips to CN and three to CTI, we decided to try CSA. The last few trips we've met up with friends we made on previous trips. Although we all keep in touch on Facebook, we only get to see each other in Jamaica, so that makes it pretty special. This year we're bringing friends who have never been to Jamaica, so that will be a something different.

    All things considered, though, we've always done something new every trip. One year we scuba'd, one year we checked out the piano bar for the first time, one year we went to Nine Mile, one year we tried the hobie cats, one year we tried the island (and every year after)... You get the idea. Every trip is different, and every trip is special.

    Bruce and Kelli
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CSA 2014; JRB 2015; CSS 2017

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    My first trip to a Couples resort (Couples Negril) will be this November. You all are certainly making my anticipation that much more sharper!

    While this will be my first trip to a Couples resort, and my second trip to Jamaica (the first time barely counts it was a one day port stop in MB), I will say that I have been all over the Caribbean. I have friends that ask me why I travel to the Caribbean AI's and cruises over and over instead of branching out to Europe or Asia ...

    There is just something about knowing I'll be going to the Caribbean -- it's what keeps me going throughout the year. Listening to you all talk about Couples reminds me of that feeling.

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    We were at CSA 2 years ago for NYE, last year at CSS for Xmas and CSA for NYE. CSA is like a home to us in paradise! This year, I'm not sure where this "bright" idea came, but decided that I might want to try a boutique hotel on 7 Mile beach, going non AI. So booked a boutique hotel for NYE. There's this something about Couples that is still calling our names... Started reading this addictive MB again, and am now in the stage " What was I thinking?". Although I'm sure we would have a great relaxing time, I don't think I'll be able to walk by CSA and not kick myself in the b*^$! So now my dilemma : do we try CN, or do we stick to what makes us so happy in paradise : CSA with it's rustic laid back vibe on one of the most breathtaking beaches? There is always something new to discover in Negril, whether it be a bar on 7 Mile beach, a new musician walking by, or a new tour to take, but I can't imagine staying anywhere but at Couples. So even though I thought I might be ready to stay elsewhere in Negril, the answer is clear in my mind, I am clearly a Couplesaholic!

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    We are booked for our ninth (or eighth?) trip to CSA next June. Our first trip was in 2005 for our 25th anniversary "honeymoon" (we wanted to make sure things would work out before spending a bunch of money for our honeymoon). We are past the point where we look to do new things or expect surprises. We are now comfortable with the whole routine including the airline hassles, the immigration conga line in the airport, security headaches and the reality of rain on our vacation. Arriving at CSA is like stepping into our favorite slippers after a long day at work. Comfortable and homey, no longer exotic or foreign. We delight in changes and improvements to the grounds and facilities, we don't fret about what's on the menus or in the mini bar. We have old friends we can't wait to see (Elvis, Jimmy, Ray and others) and we always meet new friends during the week. We walk the beach daily just like walking our neighborhood at home. Going to the restaurants is more like going to an old friends house for a meal and the beach is our backyard. We relax, we have fun and we look forward to coming back the next year if we can. I don't know if I would call it "thrilling" but I can't imagine ever getting tired of going home.
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    We have our third trip booked in 2014. Its not some much a thrill but its knowing for x amount of days it is total relaxation with only worry is what to eat and drink next.
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    Our 18th CSA trip was in April 2013. We had our Honeymoon there in 1995. We renewed our wedding vows there in 2005.
    The thrill is "kept alive" in part because it's like a family reunion every visit. We see other couples (now dear friends) there every year who vacation the same week or so that we do. We see staff members (now dear friends) who we've now known for many many years. We've watched some of them raise families! And we've seen the resort 'grow' in many ways as well.
    But the main ingredient of 'keeping the thrill alive' at Swept Away...
    is the quality time that I get to spend with the love of my life, Lisa C. Pearce.
    Swept Away has never failed to deliver: the tranquility, beauty and 'vibe' are always there. Things may change, and not always to my liking, at the resort. But they've managed to keep the vibe close enough to what it always has been and should be.

    - Cornell

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    we have been to cn twice and once to trip we want to split 4 days at each.the fourth day gives you a road trip then you start over again in a new paradise.

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    Your one day stop in mobay.... what ship were you on???

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    The thrill for my wife and I, as many have said, is in the alone time together. Swept Away is just the perfect back drop for our time to reconnect, to unplug from the everyday life of work, kids, bills, etc. It is so much more than a vacation, it is a mental break from our busy lives. As others have said, we both work 50 - 60 hours a week, then we have hockey practice and homework, yard work, college bills (for my oldest daughter), so to have a week or so, to do nothing but hang out with each other, meet new friends, eat great food, and just appreciate each other, is almost a necessity. I am thrilled to be able to spend 9 glorious nights with my wife, who sometimes, I don't see for weeks, due to work travel. All the stuff going on in life gets put on hold at least for a short time, and that thrills me to no end. In 48 hours I will be back on paradise, holding the love of my life, sitting on the beach, watching sunsets, walking through the gardens, and not worrying about all the things that weigh us down. The thrill is what you make it, we make it about each other.

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