With the hectic (but wonderful) life my wife and I lead with our careers and our beautiful little girl, it slipped my mind. How, I don’t know, but it did. Until just a little while ago. I noticed the date on a document and realized that six months from how we will be home. We will be at a new home, CSS, which we’ve never been to but I know we’ll love it. How could we not? There will be beautiful smiling faces, a beautiful beach, beautiful pools, magnificent food and yummy drinks. And most importantly my lovely wife will be there with me and we can put everything else away and enjoy each other without any distractions. We’re trying out a Penthouse for this trip and I’m sure that will be magnificent as well. Heck, I figure exactly six months from now I’ll be sitting on the patio of the penthouse enjoying my afternoon snack of jerk chicken and Red Stripe…. Back to reality for now, but in six months we will be home, away from it all.. Thank you Couples. Thank you Jamaica.