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    Heyyy! I know we already have a few threads going but I am getting really excited. I get married on the 7th and then we will get to swept away on the 9th!! Will anyone else be down there on the same week? I am so so so excited!

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    We'll be there the 6th - 14th! There are several people doing the One Love Pub Crawl on September 11. If you guys are considering doing this, you should sign up for that date! Congrats on your upcoming wedding!!

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    We arrive on the 9th. Maybe we will share a bus to the resort? What time do you arrive? If not we will see you at the bar!!!

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    We will be on our honeymoon the 7th-16th. We can't wait! Where do you sign up for the pub crawl?

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    Lenbert is the gentleman that we signed up with. He will be picking a group of us at CSA on Sept 11th at 2:25. Just email him and he gets right back to you.

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    JulRic we arrive in Montego Bay at 10:53 am! how about you guys? Yay Scscase congratulations!! I will look into this Pub Crawl, thank you!

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