My fiancee and I are getting married in October and want to honeymoon at CTI.

We admit we slacked on looking up flights, but I was quite surprised at the lack of options from a major area like northern Virginia/DC Metro region with 3 major airports (Dulles is closest for us), but especially with the number of overnight flights. I thought at first that there were other flights but they were all booked, but upon looking six months out it was basically the same options.

We saw a Jet Blue flight that departs at 10am, but it's not at the closest airport (about a 40min drive) and with international travel, that means we're leaving our hotel by about 8am at the latest, which is quite early after you've been up late and had a super long day the day before.

The only other viable option I saw was flying out on US Airways and returning on American, but we'd be booking those as one-way flights because one was on Expedia, the other on Travelocity, and the price jumps up really quickly (to almost $600/flight each).

I'm wondering what other couples flying from northern Virginia/DC metro have done to get into Montego Bay with a reasonable travel arrangement. I really find it hard to believe that we're that limited on flights, but that could just be the case.

Any tips or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!