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    Default We just returned from Couples Tower Isle

    What can we say?
    Fantastic, Perfect Vacation.
    We expected a high standard ar Couples TI, but they exceeded that completely.
    The resort is Beautiful, the Staff are the best we have ever had. The amenities are excellent.
    We have always Cruised on Royal Carribean and thought that they were the best. Move over for Couples in our vacations in the future.
    Thank you to you all for making this vacation perfect.
    If anyone wants more information on Couples TI, feel free to contact us.
    Jim and Joan

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    Glad yu enjoyed it. CTI is our Home from home.

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    CTI is our Home from home too! Like everyone else, we can't wait to get back.

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    We've been to CSA and this yr we want to try either CSS or CTI. Which one would you recommend?

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    Love CTI. Glad you had an amazing trip. We will be "home" in 65 days.

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    Hi Jim and Joan!
    We're glad you had such a great time at CTI. We had a wonderful visit too - a visit greatly enhanced by meeting and sharing time with you and Joan. Meeting new friends is one of the things we cherish most about our visits to Couples. We hope to visit with you again at CTI next August!
    Don and Corlis

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    Personally, CTI is the resort that we have chosen on our last 3 visits to Jamaica- we LOVE the resort, the food, the pools, the island, the staff. We like being able to trade places with CSS. We have been to CSS, CTI and CN. CTI is great because all rooms except garden view have ocean views, everything is close, you are never far from a bar, a restaurant, water sports, the beach, the shoppes, the spa--- everything is close and yet at the same time, you still feel a world away. The food has always been amazing, the drinks amazing, the staff goes above and beyond---- we love it here!!!!! This Christmas we are splitting a stay between CSS and CN and truthfully, I am looking forward to the day we will spend at CTI! Once you go, you know....... LOVE IT

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    Just got back from our second trip to CTI. It was so nice to be welcomed home from members of the staff that actually remembered us! Everything was perfect. I had a hard time understanding why so many repeters called this "home".....That is until we returned. It indeed felt like we were returning to our home, I felt like I belong there! Once you go, you know.

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    Arriving Sept. 14 for our first trip to Jamaica and CTI
    How do I arrange to have the mini bar stocked upon arrival

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    Bill Lobodici - fill out your request with your romance rewards check-in. If its not sticked on arrival it will be shortly after.

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