We are just back from a week at CB. We are 4 times CN repeaters but decided to give CB a go.

Flight from the UK was uneventful. Baggage collection and immigration was very fast - no long lines. We were shown to a mini bus and joined by 3 other couples and taken to the resort. I would say the whole process from landing to getting to the resort was not much more than 30 minutes. So CB wins this round.

On arrival, we were given a glass of sparkling wine and our repeaters gift, resort credit etc. As I had checked in online, there was no paperwork for me to fill it. The reception area is lovely - big and airy. CN has the wow factor of the pool below reception but I have always found the actual area rather dark. Reception staff were all very friendly and on the ball. I was able to book Dover restaurant for any time on any day.

We were in room 1525 which is a one bedroom ocean view suite. It is a corner room at the end of a corridor and so no people walking past. The living room was big with chairs, a sofa, tables, desk and mini bar. There was a sliding patio door to the balcony. Through a door and into the bedroom. Large room with nice furnishings, air con and ceiling fan. There was a walk in closet with hanging space and shelves, ironing board, iron and robes. The safe was also here. The bathroom had a shower, separate bath, 2 sinks and the toilet. This had a see through glass door which seemed a bit odd! It would be better if the toilet were self contained! There was an excellent hairdryer - not one of those on the wall ones but a proper powerful one that you could plug in where you wish.
At CN we have always had a beach front suite. The room at CB was completely different in feel - it was not rustic like CN. Oh, you could also get onto the balcony from the bedroom and there were 2 sun beds, a table and chairs. Personally, I far preferred the room at CB.

Whilst writing about the room, I will mention the birds. If you do not like birds, you will not like CB. They will come in through the patio doors if you leave them open and they will steal the sachets of creamer and sugar from the tea/coffee tray. They are also in the restaurants and will drink the milk or sip the alcoholic drinks on your table. We did not mind them but I can understand that some guests will not like them flitting around waiting to pounce on any unguarded drinks or food.

The sea is not flat calm like CN. Some days my husband had to hold onto me until we got past the waves. Once you are about shoulder deep it is fine but it is not like CN where you can just float around! Floaties would be dangerous in the swell. I would say the beach is the same depth as CN. There are no vendors or musicians going by. I think on the whole, I preferred CN. But if you like boogie boards or paddle boards, then you will love CB.

I will continue this tomorrow! Feel free to ask any questions!