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    Default Pre Check-in online: How early is too early?

    We are heading to CN on 12/28/13. Is it too early to complete the online check-in? I read on another thread that you are required to provide your arrival information in advance now or you will not be able to take the free shuttle to the resort and you will not be able to take advantage of the Rewards you've earned (Hubs and I are repeaters). Can anyone confirm or deny this? I'm afraid as the holidays approach I'll get busy and forget to do it in time!

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    We check in 1-2 weeks before arrival.

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    We've never done it more that two weeks out.

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    I did it right after booking, 12 months out.

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    I think you should try to wait a while, we've always had good luck at two weeks out. Regardless, you will be allowed to take the shuttle to the resort, that is a piece of wrong info that you read somewhere else. Your reservations with Couples guarantees your ride to the resort and then back to the airport. It has nothing to do if you pre check in or not.

    Again, I would advise waiting until the first of December for your pre check in.

    We are going the 3rd week in October and I won't complete pre check in until the first week of October, I just put a note on my calendar and will do it then.

    Have a great time, I enjoy the planning, shopping etc... BEFORE the trip almost as much as the trip itself!

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    We do it about 2 weeks out. Even if you forget you can still ride the free shuttle. I m sure there are people who go to couples who don't know about the romance rewards and the pre check in.

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    We booked through a travel agent. She told us there would be an Apple Vacations rep to guide us to the shuttle upon arrival. Do I need to check-in online???

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    No more than two weeks before you go. Why would you do it any earlier?

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    Thanks for reminding me. We go to CN in 11 days and I forgot all about it. Too busy getting the house de-cluttered to sell when we get back. Just registered and picked our RR gift and stocked our mini bar.

    We so need this vacation and going "home" for our 3rd year in a row will be a much needed rest.

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    rel1988, even if there isn't an apple Rep there, just get through Customs and get your bags. follow everyone else out to the main area and trurn left the couples lounge is at the end of the building. They will ticket your bags and you will be shown to your shuttle. have a great time.

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    Last time I did it after we booked our trip (CSS) so a few months in advance. This time (CN), I'm waiting until about 2 weeks out or so.

    Our mini-bar wasn't stocked anyways so not sure it matters. But this time, we will be getting repeat gifts (though we've been to CSA and CN in the past, it has been a long time and the Rewards program wasn't around then) so figure I need to fill out for our gifts, etc.
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    Is there a downside to checking in early online? Most say 2 weeks out….just curious. I guess I would ike to do it early as it brings me there sooner! We were at CTI in May 2010, going to CN then CSA for a split stay in late December 2013. It will be cold here in Vermont, so it will be a nice change.

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    The only possible downside I can think of to doing the checkin early is if your inbound flight gets changed and you forget to update your arrival information on the precheckin form. But even then, it's not like they won't transport you to the resort even if they have the wrong flight information. I like to do it early because it makes me feel like to trip is not too far away.

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