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    Default Aug 30 - 7 Sep

    Anyone else arriving to CSA during this time? My wife and I are celebrating 21 years.

    Dan and Linda

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    yes sir-My wife and I will arrive at MBJ at approx. 10:30 Friday morning - perhaps we will be on the same shuttle ! This is our 3rd trip to CSA and celebrating our 26 anniv. mike

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    Hey Mike,

    Linda and I don't arrive until 2:10 pm. We are celebrating our 21st Anniversary. Look forward to meeting you guys. We have been to CTI but this is our first time to CSA.

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    good deal dan- we will have a couple hour start on you ! Should be alot of fun- we will most likely be at the swim-up day 1. hope your travel goes well, we will see you Friday. mike

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    What day? We are celebrating our 21st on Sep 6th. Phil and Kay

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    We are also on the Airtran flight arriving at 2:10 pm tomorrow.

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    Hey that is awesome. Ours was 8 Aug but my wife is still active duty military and on an exercise so we couldn't leave during that time but we will make up for it. Are you catching a flight out of Atlanta?

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